70 titles of book that I have read this year

By anakdenesor - November 25, 2021

70 titles of books that I have read this year ꘡ Every year I will join Goodreads Reading challenge. For this year I increase the quantity of book that I want to read. So yeah 70 books for this year.Wuhuuu! Luckily I managed to complete the challenge on time. Let's see the title of the books that I have been read. I only manage to do a review some of the books only😂 (checkout the highlight colors)

  1. The Bone Sparrow
  2. Pahang, Koi datang!
  3. The Midnight library
  4. The Baby sister club: Cludia and mean Janine
  5. Zita the space girl
  6. Lucy & Andy Neanderthal
  7. Dreamy Days & Randoms Naps
  8. Open very carefully
  9. Sisters
  10. Captain clive's dreamworld
  11. Bernice takes a pludge
  12. When I was a kid #5
  13. The same inside
  14. Drama
  15. Planes
  16. Ghosts
  17. Smile
  18. Elmer
  19. Okay, Andy!
  20. The Snail and the Whale
  21. Colony
  22. The heart & the bottle
  23. Stuck
  24. lawak kampus
  25. Lawak kampus #29
  26. lawak kampus #22
  27. All the Bright places
  28. Legends of Zita
  29. Something for Bebe
  30. A new house for mouse
  31. The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lemore
  32. Zimam: Tragedi Transasi
  33. 365 Days of wonder
  34. Nightmare in Aston
  35. We Toot
  36. A tale of two cities
  37. 10 little frogs
  38. Keepers of the gate
  39. Bald is beautiful
  40. The land of stories: The Wishing spell #1
  41. Face
  42. Pendek mabuk gila
  43. The last Shimmer
  44. The Dark Chorus
  45. Turtle Crossing
  46. Diary of a rich kid: Road trip
  47. Birthrights
  48. Aksara
  49. 2AM thoughts
  50. I hope you stay
  51. Claire's Apocalypse
  52. Sayap V
  53. The Light Jar
  54. What not to do if you turn invisible 
  55. The Enchantress return (The land of stories #2)
  56. Hungry Business
  57. One of us is lying (One of us is lying #1)
  58. Fang girl
  59. A Grimm warning (The land of stories #3)
  60. One of us is next (One of us is lying #2)
  61. Beyond the kingdoms (The land of stories #4)
  62. Pi in the Sky 
  63. The wickeds
  64. The numbers game
  65. An Author's Odyssey (The Land of stories #5)
  66. Imagine that:The magic of the Mysterious lights
  67. Gangsta Granny
  68. Worlds Collide (The Land of stories #6)
  69. Perempuan dari masa lalu
  70. Two can keep a secret (One of us is lying #3 )

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  1. wah banyak tu AD, congrate. mama satu buku pun xde baca dah bertahun2 mcm tu. baca quran aje la sempat hihi

  2. Wah3.You've read so many books!! Syabasss...beteh!!

  3. Rajinnya!

    Uncle dari dulu dok menghadap buku hutang je.... T_T

  4. Türkçe kitaplar da tavsiye etmek isterim. Yaşar Kemal romanları harikadır:)

  5. It is amazing that you are able to read so much! Reading is honestly my favourite thing to do <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  6. wowwwwwww...

    Ammi baru gi check Goodreads lelaju. hahahahha 2 buku je wei ammi baca 2021. Serius??

  7. The midnight library tu tak start baca lagi.. Ada dalam rak maya di google play books.. hehehe..