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Murder in the library

Murder in the library| Oh no!!! There is a murder in the library. I have struggled with my lesson plans since the beginning of this month. I really need something fun and innovation to share it with my class. Kids will be kids, they like to play so that I try to make my learning ti…

Tips for appraisal

Tips for appraisal | Since nearly to year-end, so most of us know it's time for appraisal.  Some companies will have a different method to do appraisal so maybe some of my notes here not applicable to you guys, but yeah better be prepared right. Gather Information Gather any repo…

Aku,Dia,dan buku

Aku,Dia,dan buku |  Asal title je nak gempak..hahah. Now ada apa dengan dia?siapa dia?mengapa?apa yang terjadi? hoi! banyak nau persoalannya😉 AD bagi clue okeh. Beliau merupakan blogger yang selalu buat review pasal buku,movie dan beliau juga kerja dalam bidang pendidikan sama macam A…

Klaus Netflix movie Reviews

The film tells a story about a boy named Jesper (the main character) who is a failure for me(hiks😋) don't worry its only the beginning of the story. Jesper is the son of the post office head and he is in training to be postman but instead of training, he prefers to sit in his…

Finally crossed off my april wishlist!!!

Hello peeps! Finally, I crossed off my April wishlist!!! (you can find it HERE ) Alhamdulillah and I'm soo happy about it. Even though it's not all, only some of the wishlists but yeah  I'm still happy about it. 1. Read every night before bed  -yeah, I completed my read…


Title: One came home Author: Amy Timberlake Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Publication Year: 2013 ISBN: 9780375869259 In the town of Placid, Wisconsin, in 1871, Georgie Burkhardt is known for two things: her uncanny aim with a rifle and her habit of speaking he…

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