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Author: Sage Hyatt
Genre: Middle-grade horror
Print length: 27 Pages
Age range: From middle-grade to all ages



In this middle-grade horror story, Tiger Lily Dander and her friend, Stacy, wake one morning to a world in which everyone they care about is missing, except each other. Together the girls must determine why their loved ones have disappeared before their menacing shadows succeed in robbing them of their joy and making sure they, too, vanish forever.

I always keen to read a book that is written by a young girl. Since this book written by a young girl, this story reflects many of the challenges and emotions inherent to life as a middle grader. Beginning of the story with a scene Stacy and Tiger Lily( main character) walked to the cafeteria for lunch and suddenly, Stacy been grabbed by the shoulder by Rita ( a classmate). Rita such a bully. As you can predict of course they need to meet the principal after that. The act how Lily stand by her friend touch my heart.

Even though this book only have 27 pages but I'm enjoy reading it. Short chapter and easy to read. You wont knowing that you almost to the end of the book when you read it. What makes this book different from any other book is this book being told by two different perspective. One is Tiger Lily and another one is shadow version of herself which is dubbed Tiger X.

There's good and bad, light and dark in each of us.

I can sense the pureness of heart while reading this story. As we know the weakness of shadow is light, but sometimes we forget that the positiveness inside also can defeat the shadow. I love the development of the character also the story line. There's some part you will amazed by how just little details can change the whole story.










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  1. Bagus baca buku bahasa inggeris, sekurang-kurangnya dalam mempelajari bahasa inggeris.

    1. itu la tujuan nya..nak improve bahasa inggeris..heheh..klo x faham makna cari kat kamus hehe

  2. buku nipis cpt ja habis dibaca

  3. This sounds so wonderful! It is always nice when the character development is strong in a story!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. Wah.. penulisnya seorang remaja menarik..

  5. kreatif jugak tu ada dua perspektif, asah minda kita lebih sikit dari biasa hehe