2 SIGNATURE DISHES IN PREMIÈRE HOTEL KLANG ꘡ Tired with homemade food?  Don't worry, premier hotel klang is now holding a promotion in conjunction with July and August. So what are you waiting for. Come and grab this exclusive promotion.


Première Hotel located in Bandar Bukit Tinggi,Klang is a 4-star hotel which offers an array of authentic dining options for cosmopolitan travellers at our food & beverage outlet namely The Buzz, Royal Gourmet and Ichi PoolBar. The Buzz is a restaurant that offers a culinary feast of local and international flavours, Royal Gourmet serves unique Chinese authentic dishes whereas Ichi Pool Baris a breezy bar-restaurant serves finger foods, burgers and pizza overlooking the swimming pool.In line with our bi-monthly food and beverage promotions,we are bringing you the exclusive taste of unique and authentic dishes prepared by our Executive Chef Noor Hisham and his culinary team.

Taking the Spotlight is Nasi Bukhara Ayam OR Udang Galah. This Nasi Bukhara is cooked with the aromatic basmati rice & some flavourful Bukhara spices. This scrumptious cuisine will be doubling delicious as it comes with the creamy, minty cucumber raita and crispy fish crackers. Nasi Bukhara will be a perfect fuel for Chicken & Prawn lovers as it comes with choices of 2 main items selections. Nasi Bukhara Ayam priced at RM30per set whereas Nasi Bukhara Udang Galah priced at RM58 per set.
Nasi Bukhara

udang galah

Next up is the East Meet West Braised Lamb Stew with Corn Tortilla.The incredibly tender and flavourful lamb stew is perfect to be eaten with wrap and complemented with some super-crunchy corn tortilla chips. This lamb stew has that rich heartiness with deep and well-developed flavours.Available for only RM32 per set






All dishes are available from July to August 2021and shall not to be missed for food hunters! For enquirers or reservations, please call +603 33256828 / 03-33256800 or email to fnb@premiere-hotels.wct.my or Whatsapp to 012 449 6258.


 My Thoughts

Worth to try! definitely because of the large portion of the dish and the taste itself. Delicious!. Nasi Bukhara Udang Galah full of flavors. You can taste the spiciness comes from the herbs that they use. The price suitable with the portion and you can eat for 2 persons.

Rate: 💖💖💖💖💖
Next is East Meet West Braised Lamb Stew with Corn Tortilla. I'm a fan of tortilla!. The strong taste of lamb but the soft tender meat mix with the crunchy tortilla, what can I say. Really fulfilling and for sure made your day.

Rate: 💖💖💖💖💖

About Première Hotel Klang

Première Hotel Klang is a business hotel with 250 rooms and suites, including 4 Executive Club floors. Located in the vibrant and modern township of Bandar Bukit Tinggi, it is conveniently located next to a shopping mall and places of interest as well as business and entertainment hubs. Première Hotel Klang is a part of the WCT Group of Companies.



  1. singgah baca.
    jom tukar link bloglist

  2. no doubt, tengok je dah tau sedap lagipun im a meat hunter. hahaa.. ada ke istilah camtu

  3. Adoyai.. bikin terliur saja..

    1. ampunnnn saya hanya menjalankan tugas hahaha

  4. wow sedapnya menu menyelerakan

    1. aah kak PI menu die best2 heheh..berbaloi la

  5. dua2 sedap..pernah try nasi bukhara di Medan MARA..mmg sedap..

    bagus hotel buat promosi mcm ni..

    1. medan MARA dimana yea?
      itula membantu mereka ketika covid ni

  6. haih bilalah boleh foodhunting ni...nak makan kat cafe, restaurant...tak mau tapau dah....>_<

  7. Wow, this sounds incredible! Everything looks really wonderful <3
    the creation of beauty is art.

  8. uish.. mengancam menu dia...

  9. Sedapnya, kambing makan dengan tortilla. Hotel-hotel banyak buat food delivery sekarang. Memang menggoda menunya.


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