During Maddy Holt’s senior year in high school she interns for veteran journalist, Elliot Kruger. They quickly forge a close bond; however, after the death of his wife Bebe, Elliot abruptly disappears. Distraught and searching for answers, Maddy stumbles upon clippings detailing Elliot’s years as a wartime correspondent, threatening notes he’s penned, and a cryptic list of names; the first of which died mysteriously day’s earlier. Convinced he’s embarked on a killing spree, ever obstinate Maddy jets off to Italy. Arriving in Trieste she is met by Grant Stanhope (a family friend), but not in time to prevent another murder. Using Elliot’s notes as a guide, Maddy and Grant race across the former Yugoslavia to Belgrade. But powerful unknown forces are at play and they are forced to flee in the dead of night. Frightened, and not knowing where to turn, they head to the only place they can hope to find answers; a bucolic Bosnian village; Bebe’s hometown. There, they discover the shocking secrets behind the men Elliot is pursuing. The assumed identity of the final man on his list. And in a deadly race against time to stop history repeating.



The starting of this story with a very mysterious notecard that being left by Elliot Kruger to all his enemies. The background of a scene in this story is back and forth about the war that happens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the current time. I was shocked when the author sometimes describing the methods of torture that they used during the war including rape, torture and abuse. It also involves discrimination against Muslim people there. Muslim people are not allowed to go to school just because they're Muslim, and many of them being forced by the citizen to move out from their house and a lot of vandalism happens during that time. of   I'm battling with myself either to continue to read this book or just give up because I can't stand reading the truth about how they been treated during the wartime but in the end, I glad I finished it.

Something for Bebe is a thrilling and complicated story of a revenged for a wife named Berina (Bebe) by the main character which is Elliot Kruger. Elliot is dying and he has been planning to kill all the men who ruined his life before he can go in peace. He started with writing a note to all his enemies and also sending a clue to his protegee, Mandy about what he gonna do. The cruelty of the army during that period of time and knowing that we don't have the power to help or to stop them from their action really breaking my heart. Well at some point I would agree with Elliot which take revenge on his own, at least something to do other than accepting the fact the bad people living their life as usual as nothing would impact them from the past.

This book involves a lot of graphical descriptions of situation that makes me take a time to breathe. I would say I'm offended with the words and the way they treated us as Muslim in this story but if the author didn't put the real situation in this book how would we know to feel the pain that they have to go through that time. Bosniak woman who was forced to watch as her neighbours were exiled, family members are killed or separated from her, she also being tortured and raped while being imprisoned and her child being forced to watch it otherwise they will beat the son until death. The cruelties have to be stopped. Unfortunately, the predators evils are gone without being punished. Where is the justice that we're looking for?  

Something for Bebe is a heartbreaking, thrilling adult book that teaches us about justice and hopes. Overall i give ⭐⭐⭐over⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan membawa maksud panas yang sangat terik. Dinamakan demikian kerana pada bulan tersebut di tanah Arab kebiasaannya adalah panas terik dan kering. maka makna panas tersebut diharapkan dapat membakar segala kekotoran dosa orang yang berpuasa dan yang menghidupkan ibadah di sepanjang bulan Ramadhan (credit to

Sinonim ketika waktu ramadhan biasanya malaysia akan berpanas terik kan. Bagi AD berpuasa sorang diri tu dah biasa sejak zaman belajar lagi, tapi sedih la dengan keadaan covid, bazar ramadhan pon AD tak jejak lagi. Its okay, goverment da cuba sehabis baik dan kita harus patuh. Now back to the topic, Ramadhan. Bagi AD, akan ambik masa dalam 3 hari pertama untuk badan suaikan diri dengan puasa, mase tu badan akan lemau semacam je. After 3 hari bila badan da adapt da boleh da lakukan aktiviti macam biasa. 

Tahukah anda, jika rugilah seseorang umat islam itu jika berpuasa sepanjang hari tapi tidak melakukan 4 perkara ini. Jom check sesame:

  • Bangun bersahur tapi tidak menunaikan sekurang kurangnya 2 rakaat solat sunat
Jika sebelum ni sahur bangun cukup cukup masa je.mungkin sekarang boleh awalkan. Secara tak langsung boleh mengelakkan kita daripada kelam kabut menyediakan juadah sahur kan. Alang alang dah bangun awal tu apa kata mulakan dengan solat sunat 2 rakaat. Lagi banyak rakaat lagi bagus.

  • Hari hari yang berlalu tanpa sedekah
Sedekah boleh dalam banyak bentuk. Sedekah sesama manusia, mungkin masa masak juadah untuk berbuka boleh masak lebih untuk bagi jiran kan.Dapat pahala tau memberi makan pada orang yang berpuasa. Sedekah kepada haiwan. Macam AD akan spare makanan kucing dalam kereta sebab dah selalu jumpa kucing jalanan. time tu nak bagi makan xde pulak makanan so start dari tu memang AD akan spare terus dalam kereta. Lagi lagi musim pkp, banyak kedai tutup diaorang takde sumber makanan. 

  • Rugilah kalian jika menunggu waktu berbuka tanpa menadah tangan untuk berdoa.
Doa orang yang berpuasa adalah antara doa yang mustajab dan waktu mustajab untuk berdoa pula adalah waktu berbuka  so apa lagi guys, manfaatkanlah waktu tersebut sebaiknya. maka doalah banyak banyak. Jangan malu untuk mintak banyak sebab ALLAH itu maha besar..kalau boleh specifickan kemahuan kita  contoh nak kereta bmw warna biru model sekian sekian..itu contoh yaa.

  • Tidak meningkatkan ibadah
Bulan Ramadhan la time kita mudah sangat nak dapat pahala tapi kalau spanjang hari kita dok baring, dok tidur, solat kelaut kan sayang tu. Syaitan kan tiada time ni so perasaan malas tu datangnya daripada diri kita sendiri maksudnya. Rugi sangat tau. Mungkin dulu kita kata sibuk la,penat kerja balik kena masak lagi tak cukup masa untuk pertingkatkan amal. Sekarang PKP apa lagi alasan anda?

Diharapkan sempena bulan mulia ni kita dapat meningkatkan ibadah, perbanyakkan sedekah, Maafkan salah silap AD secara langsung dan tidak langsung. moga kita bertemu dengan malam seribu bulan dan semoga dunia bebas daripada Covid.




“As a debut novel, Colony is too good to be true.” Reedsy Discovery

“Colony is a brilliant novel that ticks all the boxes for a fast-paced and intelligent read. Benjamin Cross is able to create intrigue from the first page…” Readers’ Favorite

“Deliciously terrifying. Cross is a talented new voice.” #1 bestselling thriller author Avanti Centrae

About the Author:

Benjamin Cross has an M.Phil. in Landscape Archaeology from the University of Oxford. He’s been lucky enough to explore some of the world’s most spectacular ancient sites; from the temples of Cambodia to the Andean cloud forest cities of Peru; from the burial sites of the Tibetan plateau to the Maori strongholds of New Zealand.

He is now an Associate Director of Heritage and Archaeology at a national consultancy and is a member of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. Colony is Benjamin’s first novel and it was written whilst he worked full-time as a professional archaeologist.

 Media links:




Genre: Thriller

A remote, mist-shrouded island in the Russian Arctic. A team of international scientists are hard at work. Amongst them, Doctor Callum Ross, Professor of Archaeology, makes the discovery of a lifetime: a prehistoric ice mummy, preserved for thousands of years by the sub-zero temperatures. Only, whoever it was didn’t die of natural causes… As Callum races to unravel the mystery, a terror plot leaves him and his colleagues stranded on the island. And they are not alone. Someone – or something – is stalking them. As the arctic mist descends and the death toll rises, Callum finds himself embroiled in a nightmare fight for survival, involving submarines, cyber warfare and Spetsnaz. A secret has awoken on Harmsworth, a secret so ancient it’s been overlooked by time itself. And nothing can prepare Callum for the terror that survives, deep within the island’s heart. An edge-of-your seat action thriller that will appeal to fans of James Rollins, Clive Cussler, Michael Crichton and Clive Cussler.

Well as a fan of Dinosaurs. I would definitely love anything that related to it and the moment they start talking about dinosaurs, I feels alive! (you know like the anime character, who have shiny eyes when they're excited. Yes! that's happens to me) and I have to admit that after reading the blurb my main attraction to read this book when they mentioning about ice mummy.  

Callum as a main character in this story is perfectly imperfect. Every action that we take has consequences. In Callum's life, his dedication to work has cost him his family. One after one tragedy happens starting with missing people, explosion of their boat. accompany with something mysterious that hiding in the mist that stalking them during the journey, do they stay alive until the end?

Even though it contain some cliche part when the antagonist wants to destroy the mission and have a double agent inside the mission but I still enjoy reading this book. Colony is a fast-paced book with a Russian Arctic background. Benjamin using his expertise in landscape and archeology describing about Callum's  journey in this book and the last 100 pages really make me blows my mind. You won't believed the appearance of the baby monster! in this story. 

Chapter by chapter you will be served by the unexpected scenario. You will be dealing with suspend all the time. The plot development really make me hooked to this book even though it stated about 383 pages but you won't feel burden reading this book. 

Overall I give