Feel the beat Netflix Review


Feel the beat is about a girl named April. April Dibirna is a young dancer who wants to make it on Broadway. On her way to an important audition she steals a cab from an old lady while it's raining. April performs well during the auditions, and a big sponsor, Ruth Zimmer shows up to meet the potential dancers. Ruth Zimmer turns out to be the old lady April stole the cab from. Ruth states that she will make sure no one will ever hire April on Broadway. While trying to explain her motives, April accidentally makes Ruth fall of the stage. One of the other dancers films the incident. Afterward she tries to impress Broadway producer Welly Wong by dancing in front of him in the streets but fails as well. She is also evicted from her apartment and decides to return to her hometown New Hope in Wisconsin.


After being banished from Broadway, she decides to return to her hometown and trying her best to avoid everyone,but unfortunately she being caught by her former dance teacher Dana and being offers to teach the underdogs misfits of girls. April reluctantly accepts Barb's offer (with hidden motive) and begins a harsh training regimen that alienates the young dancers in Barb's class. I like April's character in this movie which is little bit villain but in the same time also have soft side within her. This movie turns touching, sweet, funny, and fun.I love the bonds daughter and father in this movie really touch  my heart.

You do what your gut tells you to do.
Feel the Beat works especially well as a movie that parents can enjoy with kids. A lot of surprise elements in this movie. This movie also motivate me, never give up on your dream! Never ever. As long as you can dream it,you can archive it. Pssst you should stay tuned until the end and watch the closing credits so you don't miss a street party showing off the hidden skills of the movie's supposedly non-dancing characters.



Happy Birthday Alhamdulillah, one more year passed, and a new one started. How fast time flies. This year totally different, with the RMCO like everything a 360-degree turn.Even though things not happens as i expected this year..but it's okay. I have been blessed, I feel lucky to have healthy life, and surrounded by who inspire and uplift me daily.

Thank you!

Meet my twin sister. Yes! we sharing same birthday.

Thank You again..special request for meow meow.

I wish that when the maze of work, of love, of life becomes too foggy, I’ll be my own best friend. I hope I’ll always have people that are there for me, but even more so, I hope I’ll always be there for myself. Console myself. Sit down ‘together.’ Listen. Give myself the right advice. And, most importantly, rest. Maybe tomorrow, the fog will lift.

I wish that when life pulls me in all kinds of directions, I’ll take the breath it takes to look deep inside and find the ‘no’ I want to find. No matter who or what inundates me with requests, questions, opportunities even. What truly matters is that my ‘yes,’ whatever shall be grateful enough to receive it, comes right from the heart.

I hope that when I look up at the stars, i'm not lost in the hopes of tomorrow or the regrets of yesterday. That, if only for a few seconds, I’ll gaze into the sky and just be. Be silent, be still, be amazed at this magic life that found its way into my tiny existence in this gigantic universe.
Concentrate on counting your blessings and you'll have little time to count anything else

PG Mall: Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia!

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What to do if you have a car accident

What is meant to happen, will happen. If you involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it.

The taught of getting into a car accident makes me scared. I'm writing this topic to share my experience with you guys how to deal with it. Yes! i have been into a car accident before this, happens around 2 years back. These steps can help you to make sure your car insurance is paid out.

See the damaged of my car..and sadly its TOTAL LOSS. It's means beyond repair. How sad I'm.

    1. Stay calm
Most people will be panic or shock, that's is normal reaction when they facing with unexpected situation. First thing that you have to do is to stay calm and check yourself, if you not severely injured, you can exit the car and check the damaged of your car and other party,BUT if you're alone and you're a girl. Please stay inside the car and call your emergency contact such as friend or brother.

    2. Move your car to the side of road
Move your car to emergency lane or side of the road to avoid traffic. Turn on hazard lights to alert other people on the road. 

    3. Exchange Information with other party
This is important. You have to take details of other vehicles and persons involved in the accident. This includes:
  • Car registration number.
  • Car model, model year and colour.
  • Driver’s Name, Address and Phone number.
  • Driver’s IC and Driving Licence number.
  •  Take pictures of the damage, and other details, like name of the road, time of the accident happens
  • Witnesses’ Name, Address and Phone number.
     4. Go to police station together
This to avoid other party cheat on you. If possible go to nearest traffic police station. You have to make report within 24 hours after the accident happen. You will need to fill in form and wait for police officer to investigate your case and police will give summons to the guilty side and you have to pay it within 1 month.

    5. Call your insurance company
All insurance company will provide you with hotline number, they even can towing your car to the nearest police station. In my case i need to physically go to their company to submit all the documents that they asked in order to claim my insurance.  All the towing cost will be cover by my insurance.

You will need:
  • Police report
  • Photocopy IC and driving licence
  • Insurance Cover Note
  • Picture of the accident(send by email)

    6. Have to follow up
You have to be firm to deal with them and keep following them about your case. It could take you a month to 5 months. Always have to call them, email them until they response to your inquires.

What happens now?
Once you’ve made the police report and submitted all the relevant documents to your insurance provider, a loss adjuster will be sent to evaluate the damages done to your car and conclude the amount of which you’re able to claim from them. Bear in mind that claiming from your insurance will also result in losing your no-claim bonus that you’ve accumulated, which means that you’ll have to start paying a higher insurance premium the following years. (credit to ringgit plus)

*Total Loss*
If your car's status Total loss mean it is beyond repair and you have to pay the balance of the loan lump sum after your car insurance pay their part. Let's say the market price for your current car is 28K but the insurance company cover only 25K which means you have to pay extra 3K in order to clear out your name from the loan.

The most important thing is keep calm and always consult with your insurance provider to know exactly your rights and coverage are when you stuck in these kind of situations. Like my case they offer to do everything but i have to pay 5K to them. Crazy! Hell no I won't pay that to them. You have to alert all the time and be smart okay guys. May God bless all of us.

If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it quickly and smoothly.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/new-and-used-cars/article/what-to-do-if-you-have-a-car-accident - Which?
If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it quickly and smoothly.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/new-and-used-cars/article/what-to-do-if-you-have-a-car-accident - Which?
If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it quickly and smoothly.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/new-and-used-cars/article/what-to-do-if-you-have-a-car-accident - Which?
If you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident, here are the steps you need to take to deal with it quickly and smoothly.

Read more: https://www.which.co.uk/reviews/new-and-used-cars/article/what-to-do-if-you-have-a-car-accident - Which?

2020 Reading challenge

This is third year i join reading challenge. I will increase the amount of books that i would like to read every year. Honestly, all this books i read during MCO just within 3 months. I thought i would need a year to complete this challenge😁 I had been borrowing all these books before the MCO and I also mix my collections with eBooks.

I'm trying to read as much as I can now. I like to read a mystery books for couple of reason. Mystery books won't let me sleep during reading it because it always involves clues that you have to put it together like puzzle. Yeah, when I think it again, I also love to play with puzzles. Another reason is you won't be able to put down the book! You will get hooked with the book so much. You will keep wondering until you finish the book.

For this year i try to read non-fiction book too. I know it will be hard for me to do it, but end up actually i kinda enjoying non fiction books too and definitely you will gain more information by reading that kind of genre. I will update and make review about the books that i have been reading for my next post okay!😊 Below is collection of the books that i have been reading in order to complete this challenge.


Yes, I'm still reading even i finished my challenge for this year. I'm using Goodreads as platform to measure my reading because i can keep track all my books. You will have option such as put books in your wish list, and can update your currently reading book. Overall I really satisfied with this apps.