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PG Mall: Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia!

Looking for something? Hate for having pre-parcel anxiety? Do not worry with PG Mall, you can shop until drop. PG Mall is a Malaysia No.1 E-commerce platform, established since 2017. You no longer need to wait for 14days in order to receive your parcel anymore (if you buy from overseas) because PG Mall is the only Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia! How cool is that. Still not believe it? PG Mall ranked as top 3 e-commerce site at Iprice insight report. Check out this link,


PRICE: Value! Value! value!

The heart of decision making of course the price. What is so special about this store is they having Forever cashback! This cashback from 0.5 % up to 3.5% for every purchase that they made on PG Mall that covers up three tiers of referrals. Even higher from any other store. The more you shop the more cashback you will get. PG Mall introduce shopper ranking. The amount of cashback based on the shopper’s ranking, from super shopper, premium shopper and Elite shopper. Despite of everything, PG Mall also having sales up to 15% storewide discount. Shop, Share, Earn!

Shopper will be entitled to free shipping, no more burden cost on top of product cost but this applied on selected stores only. PG Mall collaborating with a lot well known store such as Tefal, Singer, Nestle and many more. All the participating stores will be update monthly. Special highlight on weekend with great discount! Want to know more? follow this link


If you can save, why need to spend more.  Yes! Save more with “Hot Day Sales” Do not miss your chance to get lowest price every day from 10am,4pm and 9pm. Set your alarm. Up to 80% OFF daily, from RM 0.39 only!!

Love you 3,000 is one of the campaigns that run by PG Mall with the simple rule. Make any purchase to join with minimum purchase is RM30 and above will be entitled to join Love you 3,000 campaign with prize worth RM3,000 in total.

* Winners list announcment on15th and 30th of every month

* the more you spend, the higher chances for you to win


Shop now!

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  1. skrang ni makin mudah semuanya..
    hujung jari saja dah boleh buat macam2..

    1. Betul..senang je..bukan macam dulu, nak bayar bil api kne beratur kat pejabat pos.

  2. Thanks for your visit and presence on my blog, I'm also following you.
    Have a nice weekend

  3. Banyak jugak barang murah2 kat PGMall. kalau lebh kerap tawarkan harga diskaun dan ganjaran2 macam ni memang boleh jadi saingan pada yang sedia ada.

    1. suka sbb dapat shopback tu..nnti accumulate semua tu yang best kan.

  4. alhamdulillah.. mall online nie memudahkan kita semua beli barang terutama barang yg sukar dapat di kedai..

  5. so far belum jenguk PGMall lagi. ramai juga yg promote, mgkin sebab kita sarawak, courier still the problem.

    1. Tu la,courier pon salah satu punca utama kan.

  6. Macam berbaloi shopping kat pg mall ni. dapat cashback diskaun sekali

    1. membeli dan dapat something untuk kita juga win situation

  7. lepas ni, shopping kat PGMall pula... hehe.
    bab diskaun kaw kaw ni, saya suka....

  8. Tak pernah lagi shopping kat pg mall nie..

    1. haaa boleh try kak sha..heheh banyak tu cashback die bagi

  9. Sebab ada cashback yang buat best! Dan banyak jugak item yg murahhhh berbanding another online platform.

    1. kan! cashback tu yg macam kaching! mata terus terbukak

  10. ooo da platform membeli belah online terbaru ya... nnt sy cuba

  11. This is great. I love shopping!! Thanks for sharing:)

  12. Baru tau ada e-commerce PG Mall ni, banyak pilihan dan murah


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