Hye peeps,finally my customized mug that I order last time from printcious  finallyarrived..yeayy!
For those who miss the post you can read it here.

Why I choose mug because I want something practical..that I can used it everyday. I order it by 27 nov and I got it by 30 amaazingg..only took 3 days to received it..superb..the delivery time so fast and they will keep updating the news of your parcel to you by email also by phone..I like the way they keep track every details of your order. I don't need to worry,everything went so smooth.

Now I have my own customized mug..I bet this is the one and only mug that have this picture coz it made by me..heee soo happy

First thing I do after received my mug is check whether the mug is in good conditions,hopefully there is no crack,result is my mug in one piece.Yeayyyy! They pack my mug very carefully..they even put bubble wrap outside the box,and inside the box..oh can see that they very gentle about the product.What else you can hope for.

 I'm not a big fans of star wars but I just noticed that I have a few things about star wars like my power bank is Darth vender head,my luggage picture also Darth I decided to put Darth vender picture on my mug so I can add on more on my collection of Darth vender.Well honestly I surprised by they company that they can print Darth vender picture so clear on my mug..the resolution of picture is high I didn't expect well of course I'm happy about it.

Now no matter what occasions that you want to do custom made gift either for friends or for yourself, you can always find it HERE.

Travel kit set by organique skincare

Travel kit set by Organique skincare consists of 1 hand cream,1 cleanser and 1 eye serum. What is so special about them? Did you know that they using Australian wild kakadu plum which is rich in vitamin C that contains 160 times more vitamin C than orange. Now let me introduce items that I received earlier.

1.Rehydrate Foaming Cleanser
This cleanser contains 22% palmitoleic acid or also known as omega-7.The function of it is to replenish skin cell loss and counteracting the aging process which leaving the complexion refreshed and purified.The foam is very light..even after an hour I used it my skin feel moisturized and it very much.

2. Rehydrate Eye Concentrate
This eye serum have specialized vitamins and natural plan extracts that help counteract the ageing processes that cause dark circles and puffiness. Today is my 3rd day of using it..can feel the dark circles becomes more lighter than before.

3.Rose Scented Hand Cream
This hand cream makes my hand feeling soft and smooth also the smell of roses make me calm for the whole day.This is because of have Olindum Complex  which fuses natural olinda spring TM water and Lily extracts to deliver anti oxidants,Macadamia Nut oil which provide essential nutrients and lastly rose flower oil,aloe vera juice and chamomile extracts which help calming the skin.

You can find all the information about the product at :

Fb:Organique by Olinda Spring My

A book and its sequel

A book and its sequel is my topic for today. HIDE is a second book  to RUN, for those who don't have any idea you can check my previous post HERE.

She remembers who she is, how she left Camp Zero
and where her strange abilities come from. But all
these come with memories of her past with Connor.
Must she now choose between Connor and Jae?

In this book the conflicts between Conner and Jae still not solved..Kayla still did not make her decision yet.  Kinda sweet right, 15 years old author who is still  juvenile put young delusional love phase into the book. Despite of trapping into love, Kayla now remember everything that she forgot before. She remembers what she has to do. The author emphasis HIDE as the title of the book which means Kayla have to hide form the everything of course from the eaters, from the soldiers which hunting her for the some reasons..why the soldiers really want to catch her?it is only her that looking for?What is so important thing that she have to do? That is among the questions that you guys have to find it by reading this book..ooh I cannot tell you, I don't wanna be spoiled alert..hahaha.

Overall for me this book give me an answers to all my question for the 1st book such as why Kayla been found outside the camp zero..What happen to her until her lost all the memories. This book worth to read. The story line really clear also the words by words that she present easy to understand.Suitable for Y7 and Y8 I guess because its not too heavy. The genre is horror but for me not so horrified.

Give Away Hadiah Misteri dari ASTraveler!

 Sejak dua menjak rajin lak nak join GA nih..Mana tau rezeki kan..heheh

6 Places to Visit at Penang

Rasanya lama sangat dah tak pergi penang..last pergi masa zaman study dlu..ade la dalam 6 tahun juga heee.Kali ni pergi pon sebab AD kene attend seminar. Sekejap sangat rasanya 2 hari 1 malam..Isnin dah kena pergi kerja..penat wuaaa...nak cuti boleh..haha
AD bertolak sabtu pagi..sampai sana tengah hari..bertolak bertiga dengan boss dan sorang lagi kawan opis.Nasib la kami  ni mmg sekepala..merapu merepek boleh layan je. Disesbabkan bertolak pagi kami decided untuk breakfast dulu.
1.Padang Kota Lama

Merupakan 1st stop kami disana..elok sangat la tu..da lapaq da ha..pekena mee sutun dlu la..mee sutun ni mmg terkenal disini..terbaik la rasa dia..yang penting banyak dan sedap.

Sedikit info:
Padang Kota menghadap ke arah laut. Dari Padang Kota , pengunjung dapat melihat Jambatan Pulau Pinang yang menghubungkan kawasan pulau ke tanah besar dengan jelas dan juga feri Pulau Pinang berselisih membawa penumpang dan kenderaan dari Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim ke Pangkalan Raja Tun Uda.

 2. Fort Cornwallis 

Bersebelahan Padang Kota Lama terletaknya Fort Cornwallis..makanya beta pon apa lagi,.laju je mau pergi melawat. Namun kecewa sangat bila masuk ke sini..dikenakan bayaran,tapi tak diberitahu yang mereka sedang melakukan renovation..banyak tempat tak boleh masuk..rugi je masuk tapi tak dapat tengok banyak tempat..sedih..
Sedikit info:
No Mycard
Adult : RM20.00
Children : RM10.00

With a Mycard :
Adult : RM10.00
Children : RM5.00

Opening Hours :
Open Daily from 9am - 10pm

Fort Cornwallis  is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage attraction for the city of George Town, Penang. Kota Cornwallis dibina pada tahun 1786 oleh Francis Light sebaik sahaja beliau berjaya mengambil alih negeri penang daripada Sultan Kedah. Kota yang dibina oleh Kapten Francis Light tersebut pada mulanya dibina dengan menggunakan kayu nibong tanpa binaan kekal yang melitupi kawasan seluas 417 kaki persegi.Tiga tahun kemudian, ia dibina semula bagi memenuhi keperluan sebagai pusat pentadbirandan pangkalan tentera sejajar dengan perkembangan kuasa empayar British di rantau ini. Batang nibong itu telah ditukar dengan menggunakan batu-bata.Buruh tahanan India yang pertama kali dibawa masuk pada tahun 1789, telahdigunakan oleh Kolonel R.T. Farquhar iaitu Gabenor Pulau Pinang bagi membina semula kota ini. Kota ini siap dibina pada tahun1793 semasa perkhidmatan Norman Macalister.
 3. China House

Then selepas makan dan tangkap gambar..(of coz hakak kan antu gambar) kami singgah di kedai kek yang famous tu..China House! bagi hakak..harga kek dangan saiz kek berbaloi..dan ade banyak choice of kek..hakak pilih salt caramel cheese...yummy!

 Sedikit info:
Traditional compound  of 3 heritage buildings linked by an open air courtyard and converted into 14 spaces comprising shops,cafes,restaurants,galleries and multi-purpose performance theater

4. Armenian Street (Street Art)

Next location kami street art! yeah..hakak mmg suka dengan art nih..rase macam alive je jalan yang ada lukisan tu..cantik dan sangat kreatif.Thanks for all the artis 

 Sedikit info:
Zacharevic’s street art is pretty impressive: the most widely known is the 20-foot high ‘Little Girl In Blue’, a mural of a young child dressed in ocean blue pyjamas flanked by the two real windows of its ‘canvas’ – a building along Muntri Street. Found just down the road from Eastern & Oriental Hotel, right next to this giant painting is a concentration of brightly-coloured trishaws just waiting to take you to see some of the more obscure artwork around Georgetown

Read more at:
Armenian Street

Read more at:
Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is leaving his mark with beautiful wall painting of children all across historical Georgetown. The artworks are funny, fascinating, and very much open to everyone’s interpretations.
Zacharevic’s street art is pretty impressive: the most widely known is the 20-foot high ‘Little Girl In Blue’, a mural of a young child dressed in ocean blue pyjamas flanked by the two real windows of its ‘canvas’ – a building along Muntri Street. Found just down the road from Eastern & Oriental Hotel, right next to this giant painting is a concentration of brightly-coloured trishaws just waiting to take you to see some of the more obscure artwork around Georgetown

Read more at:

5. Chew Jetty

Seterusnya kami ke Chew Jetty..angin sepoi sepoi bahasa..dengan bot..cuaca yang redup..perghhh semua sangat perfect la untuk sesi bergambar..psstt ahak sempat lagi ha buat henna kat situ tau..jangan main main...hahaha

  Sedikit info:
The clan jetty forms part of Penang Heritage Trail. Actually there used to be seven clan jetties, one was demolished by fire and then not rebuilt again to make way for other development (Koay Jetty). Now six clan jetties remain, with Chew Jetty having the longest walkway and the most number of houses built on stilts in the water.The jetties started in early 20th century as homes for Chinese fishermen in George Town. They were built as the silt and mud that line the area of Weld Quay made it impossible for boats to land during low tide. During high tide, the place appeared to be floating in water. This is also the place where Chinese dragon boat racing first took place in Penang.

6. Upside down muzium

Last destinasi..menarik byk barang,banyak gambar yang cantik..tapi sebab kan upside down dalam tu,bila keluar terus rase pening kple..nasib la terus blik lepas tu.

Armenian Street

Read more at:
Armenian Street

Read more at:
Armenian Street

Read more at:

 Sedikit info:
They opened since 8 August 2015 and offer a unique experience where everything appears to be upside down. The museum mainly resembles a house but there are also cafes, if you would like to rest, and shops, maybe souvenirs, which are also upside down.  The museum opens daily from 9am – 6.30pm.

Armenian Street
Read more at:

Banyak pulak membebel kali ni..dah jom kita layan gambar..sila scroll yea..heee

1st stop: breakfast di restoran mamak dulu.
mee goreng sutun
tak tahan panas sangat cuaca pekena ABC dlu naa
Yeah feeling like tourist
tak tau apa motif wat lagu tuh hahaha
oh my prince..please save me..drama sangat
the three of love..sesuke hati aku je bg nama camtu
fefeling retis sangat nyah
tea time!
hakak long kawasan
3 cuties pie haha

"Comeback Giveaway by Raydah Alhabsyi" 

The lucky winner will get to choose
 a jar of Organic Hair Removal by Norah
 (Pick either Hot or Cold Norah)

A book that's becoming a movie this year



Honestly,Nad suka dengan buku ni sebab buku ni santai,tak terlalu romantik,manakala adagen cintan cintun pon tak terlampau over..semuanya lengkap tak terlalu melampau..dan tak hambar.. everything fall into pieces la. Movie ini release pada 19 may 2017, tapi nad tak tengok pon lagi movie tu sebab for sure buku lagi menarik dari filem kan.

Buku ni mengisahkan seorang remaja perempuan iaitu madeline whittier (heroin) yang sepanjang hidupnya berada di dalam rumahnya sendiri kerana penyakit yang dialaminya iaitu SCID. Basically madeline allergic to the world. Anything can trigger a bout of sickness. It could be someone's perfume, or it could be the chemicals that cleaner used to wipe the table..yeah anything is possible. No one knows the triggers.

Severe combined immunodeficiency, SCID, also known as alymphocytosis, Glanzmann–Riniker syndrome, severe mixed immunodeficiency syndrome, and thymic alymphoplasia,is a rare genetic disorder.
She only have Carla which is full time private nurse and her mom.Everything looks fine until the day she got  a new neighbor. Olly or Oliver..All of a sudden, she finds herself talking to him through IM, emails and quirky messages written on their windows with marker(which is for me so sweet) the more they contact the more they feel connection between them.
The author which is Nicola Yoon,combining text and graphic which for me it is quite interesting..not like typical book that full of texts only. The way how she make conversation between Olly and Maddy simple and easy to understand for.

 The illustration that Nicola put inside this book actually been drawn by her husband,David which for me save a lot of time reading the book

Definitely one of the book you guys should read.

Jadikan imaginasi anda realiti dengan personalised gift by Printcious

Pernah tak  berangan “kalau la dapat buat hadiah sendiri kan best” ataupun kalau jalan cari baju dok berangan nak tepek gambar sendri kat baju..lagi best klo sebesar alam gamba tu *itu melampau pernah tak fikir camtu? Untuk yang bercouple,nak letak I love you, you love me..aww soo sweet.Kira nya jadi designer untuk produk korang sendri..yeala nak bukak bisnes sendiri rasa macam jauh lagi perjalanan kan.. berangan jela yang mampu..atau pun bila nmpk beg cantik rasa mcam nak letak nama sendiri je dekat beg tu..Kalau nad cakap segala angan angan anda tu boleh ditunaikan percaya tak?macam mana? Meh nad story mori sikit. Tiada yang mustahil dengan Printcious. 

What is personalised gifts?  
Personalized gifts in the traditional sense are gift items that carry either person’s full name, first name, surname, monogram or initials on them. 

Terpulang pada anda bagaiman untuk membuat sesuatu design tersebut. Untuk seorang yang simple boleh letak signature pada mug. Macam macam anda boleh design seperti mug,bantal,tshirt,puzzle,keychain macam macam lagi.

Discount now!

Why buy personalized gifts?
This is a good question. Nad selalu ade problem bila nak mencari hadiah yang sesuai untuk diberikan pada kawan kawan atau ahli keluarga..nad perlukan sesuatu yang memorable,yang apabila mereka lihat hadiah tu,mereka tahu hadiah itu daripada nad..macam nad suka denesor,mungkin nad boleh reka mug setiap kali mereka guna mug tu mesti teringat nad sebab gambar denesor..yeala kalau kita nak beli hadiah biarlah sesuatu yang practical and memorable kan.

When buy personalised gifts?

  Kalau tanya nad of course la anytime, perhaps for special occasion such as

 They will deliver it to your home on behalf of santa..haha kinda cool right.

Now let me introduce to you how to make it by yourself and buy it.

  1. This is the home page of it. Now you need to product..what kind do you like from t shirt, mug,key chain,pillow,and many more.



2. After you choose your product, you need to upload the design. I choose t shirt 

 If you can see here,you can also put wording here, they also have variety of fonts.

As usual I will go with denesor picture haha. Actually the picture is in blue colour. then I adjust the brightness,saturation and contrass to make it as black..because the shirt already white. 


 3. The last step just put it into your cart and proceed with the payment. Convenient and easy to do it yourself.