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A book and its sequel

A book and its sequel is my topic for today. HIDE is a second book  to RUN, for those who don't have any idea you can check my previous post HERE.

She remembers who she is, how she left Camp Zero
and where her strange abilities come from. But all
these come with memories of her past with Connor.
Must she now choose between Connor and Jae?

In this book the conflicts between Conner and Jae still not solved..Kayla still did not make her decision yet.  Kinda sweet right, 15 years old author who is still  juvenile put young delusional love phase into the book. Despite of trapping into love, Kayla now remember everything that she forgot before. She remembers what she has to do. The author emphasis HIDE as the title of the book which means Kayla have to hide form the everything of course from the eaters, from the soldiers which hunting her for the some reasons..why the soldiers really want to catch her?it is only her that looking for?What is so important thing that she have to do? That is among the questions that you guys have to find it by reading this book..ooh I cannot tell you, I don't wanna be spoiled alert..hahaha.

Overall for me this book give me an answers to all my question for the 1st book such as why Kayla been found outside the camp zero..What happen to her until her lost all the memories. This book worth to read. The story line really clear also the words by words that she present easy to understand.Suitable for Y7 and Y8 I guess because its not too heavy. The genre is horror but for me not so horrified.
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  1. All these books reminds me of Fixi novel collections. Btw, done follow this blog. Nice book to share Sis. :)

    1. really?haha I'm more into lejen press..heee thanks dear

  2. rajinnya membaca.. lama xsinggah blog awak

    1. hehehe da keje dok hadap buku hari hari..jadi minat pulak membaca hehe..kan..tu la da lme x dgr citer nina

  3. Nice book.. Nanti boleh usha pula..

    1. boleh boleh sila ushar tgh tguu buku baru die ever title die

  4. sama juga.. minat buku dari lejen press.. :-)


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