A book that's becoming a movie this year



Honestly,Nad suka dengan buku ni sebab buku ni santai,tak terlalu romantik,manakala adagen cintan cintun pon tak terlampau over..semuanya lengkap tak terlalu melampau..dan tak hambar.. everything fall into pieces la. Movie ini release pada 19 may 2017, tapi nad tak tengok pon lagi movie tu sebab for sure buku lagi menarik dari filem kan.

Buku ni mengisahkan seorang remaja perempuan iaitu madeline whittier (heroin) yang sepanjang hidupnya berada di dalam rumahnya sendiri kerana penyakit yang dialaminya iaitu SCID. Basically madeline allergic to the world. Anything can trigger a bout of sickness. It could be someone's perfume, or it could be the chemicals that cleaner used to wipe the table..yeah anything is possible. No one knows the triggers.

Severe combined immunodeficiency, SCID, also known as alymphocytosis, Glanzmann–Riniker syndrome, severe mixed immunodeficiency syndrome, and thymic alymphoplasia,is a rare genetic disorder.
She only have Carla which is full time private nurse and her mom.Everything looks fine until the day she got  a new neighbor. Olly or Oliver..All of a sudden, she finds herself talking to him through IM, emails and quirky messages written on their windows with marker(which is for me so sweet) the more they contact the more they feel connection between them.

The author which is Nicola Yoon,combining text and graphic which for me it is quite interesting..not like typical book that full of texts only. The way how she make conversation between Olly and Maddy simple and easy to understand for.

 The illustration that Nicola put inside this book actually been drawn by her husband,David which for me save a lot of time reading the book

Definitely one of the book you guys should read.



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