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Happy birthday!!!!

Happy birthday!!!! | 14th of July is my official birthday... Well  I’m officially a year older today and much cooler than ever😉. My journey so far in life has been amazing, and  Thank God for that. Alhamdulillah...Syukur.. for those sweet things that happening to me lately. I've …

Maksud berjumpa burung hantu

Maksud berjumpa burung hantu | Burung hantu sering kali dikaitkan dengan benda buruk seperti sial,petanda kematian juga petanda adanya makhluk halus. Namun sejauh mana kebenaran nya? Apakah benar segala dakwaan diatas? Malah ada segelintir yang percaya jika burung hantu tersebut bew…

“SEGMEN Tambah Duit Dengan Kerja PARTIME Dari EJULZ”

klik sini Memandangkan syarat syarat nya takdela susah mana kan,dan semua blogger yang disebut mmg AD dah follow dari dulu so why not support segmen beliau..mana tau untung menang hadiah kan. Jom kite story mori about keje part time yang AD buat..AD buat p…

Ant-man and the wasp Review

Ant-man and the wasp Review |  Did you guys still remember the Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)who helped captain America in civil war? If so, this is the full story of him after 2 years he team up with the avengers.  It all began when he still have three days remaining for house arrest due …

Hello July

Just a quick updated.. 1st day of my favorite month..its July fast time flies..Hello July! yeah please be nice to me and why i really looking forward July?Its because July is my bornday!!! Nothing much too hope, since its July I'm waiting for Fun Run..oh i'm real…

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