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Bamboo Biryani

Bamboo Biryani ⎸ Nasi Biryani (بریانی ) atau Briyani atau Biriani (beriani) adalah hidangan berupa nasi basmati biasanya dari beras) yang dimasak bersama rempah-rempah, sayuran, atau daging. Di Malaysia dan Indonesia, hidangan ini disebut dengan tambahan kata nasi (nasi briyani, nasi …

Serai Restaurant

Location:  G18, Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor   Serai ⎸ This restaurant located at ground floor at Jaya shopping center. This is my first time eating here. This restaurant is authentic traditional Malay cuisine. The food was …

Feel the beat Netflix Review

Synopsis Feel the beat is about a girl named April. April Dibirna is a young dancer who wants to make it on Broadway. On her way to an important audition she steals a cab from an old lady while it's raining. April performs well during the auditions, and a big sponsor, Ruth Zimmer…

PG Mall: Local e-commerce platform in Malaysia!

Looking for something? Hate for having pre-parcel anxiety? Do not worry with PG Mall, you can shop until drop. PG Mall is a Malaysia No.1 E-commerce platform, established since 2017. You no longer need to wait for 14days in order to receive your parcel anymore (if you buy from oversea…

Zombie kid (case file 13) #1

Zombie kid (Case File 13 #1) by   J. Scott Savage   For readers who like thrills with their laughs, Case File 13 is a satisfying new series that blends irreverent humor, page-turning adventure, a mysterious narrator, and the kind of authentic characters that will leave you…

Cosmodem Vitamin E Review

Hye all.. Semoga sentiasa sihat,yang mana akan bekerja esok AD ucapkan selamat bekerja. Okay harini AD nak story sikit mengenai Vitamin E cream daripada keluaran Cosmodem.  Disclaimer: Ini bukan review berbayar Harga asal RM 20.90 time beli ni promosi dapat RM15 untuk 50ml.  Cosmoderm Vi…

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