Give a book,get a book

Give a book, get a book  It all begin when I'm blog walking to  Ika's blog and kinda interested with one of her post regarding the book exchange. You give a book and you get a book. How cool is that! 

Book swapping or book exchange is the practice of a swap of books between one person and another.


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I have been experience in taking part once. You can read my post HERE. By the time it was organized by my school. For those who recently follow my blog, I'm working in international school. So we kinda support things like this.Encourage them to read more and I'm thinking why not we try to promote reading through this kind of campaign using blog as a platform.

Exchange your used books for new read. It can help you get a shot at better learning. Personally for me, it is a good practice, we can save environment. It makes me sad when seeing people throwing stuff that still in a good condition. Not only books, like surgical mask. If we do basic calculating here, if you throw minimum 2 pieces for a day, a week you waste 14 pieces of mask that for one person how bout the rest of your family?That's why I'm using cloth mask as alternative to saving mother earth. We can save earth and at same time we can save money too.


Okay the pictures shown that my box that i already sent it to kak sha ( You can read about it HERE) and Ika.(you can read it HERE)They sharing same theme but little bit different design. Honestly, I love to decorate stuff, making surprise to others,especially surprise party. This time I choose Zombie theme. Let me tell you the important thing that/ THE ONLY RULE you must put when sending the box is BOOK/S. Meanwhile the extra stuff that you want to give depends on your generosity. 

Remember the title, Give a book,get a book. Once you give a book you definitely get a book for return. It not necessarily english book, could be malay book. Depends on your agreement between a partner that you want to do a book exchange. So like me, I want to give away my malay books, so I snap picture and sent it to my exchange partner. She will choose what book that she like from my collections of books. Then she will do the same things to me. She will snap a picture or can give the available title that she wants to let go then I will choose if any of the books that she have I'm interested with. Easy right.

So if you interested to do book swap with me, do DM me at IG, or email me at




  1. Nice introduction.. Anyone intrested can send Sha a message or email.. I'm in the community guys..

  2. nice! One day teringin buat macam ni gak..hehe

  3. Nice effort.. Kipidap! Jemput join my GA

    1. thanks dear..insyaallah akan datang join bila free

  4. wahh..a good project..we can share books among friends..

  5. good idea but i dont have much hehe..only a few

    1. 1 buku pon oke dah sis..heheh jnji buku ada..heheh if berminat inform yea

  6. Best juga boleh swap, tak rugi buku-buku kita tersimpan lama lepas habis baca

  7. ee bagusnyaa buat mcm ni :D

  8. Sistem yang bagus untuk anda semua yang minat membaca. Teruskan :)

  9. bestnye book swap.....teringat masa sekolah dulu ada buat...english teacher organize...


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