Hye guys! in the mood to join segment again.

I have been following Ray at IG for quite some time ago. From only a few thousand followers of her until now 11k followers. Quite impressive!!!! I love to read her blog because of the way she expose herself, the selection of words that she pick and transform it into a nice piece of post. The theme of her blog so peaceful, and the tone of colors that she choose fit perfectly into her that i think back its like a unicorn colors!OMG! it is true?hahahha..well only her know the answer. 

what makes you come back to my blog from time to time and the things you look forward to reading on my blog. 

Well honestly..I have been through teenage phase. All the ups and downs..visiting her blog sometimes reminds me how far have I strong I am now..and her blog also inspire me bout journey. Travel..that makes me keen to come back to visit her blog from time to time and as a blogger friend I also want to know her there to support her. that's what friend do. Although we just friend in virtual world.  

I never read she post about recipe that she cook,,hahah perhaps she can do a post about recipe..(i know its not her blog niche) but its kinda fun when thinking about it..hahaha..anyway..all the best sis.



  1. All the best. Nay you win one of the prizes.

  2. Moga sentiasa ada rezeki.Aamiin..

  3. goodluck :)

    hi lets join us
    moga ada rezki buat kitaa

  4. All the best, Nad. Moga ada rezeki menang salah satu daripada hadiah yang ditawarkan.

  5. Dah join juga. Semoga ada rezeki buat kita. Aaminn

  6. Good luck Nad. Sama2 nantikan Ray share resepi eh


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