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Sausage roll for kids

Sausage roll for kids ୲ Hye peeps! Today I want to share easy and quick menu for kids. Estimate time around 10 to 15 minutes to finish it.

Prep time: 10 minutes    Cook time: 5 minutes


Egg - 1
Bread crumbs 

  • Take 1 slice of bread and rolled it until it become really thin. (You may cut the crust if your child don't like it)
  • after that put cheese and sausage
  • Then roll it and cut into 4 pieces 
  • dip it into egg and then dip it again into bread crumbs
  • lastly cook it around 5 minutes.

easy and fun recipe to try. 😉

Hi, I’m Nad.Full time librarian and part time blogger, not to mention that I develop S.O.S (save our space) The Digitalization of damaged books.


  1. Easy. Yes kids love sausages and cheese.

  2. Ini bukan anak je makan, dengan maknua sekali baham. Haha

    1. kan! semua makan sekali..hahah mak mak pon join sekali

  3. menarik! blh try buat kat ank jgk ni

  4. Pratik ve lezzetli görünüyor. Tarif için teşekkürler :)

  5. Thanks for sharing nice blog!

  6. did the same yesterday for my kids..but without cheese. Anak ammi ni tekak kampung sikit kadang2...benda2 yg ada cheese kang makan sikit pastu takmo dah.

    btw..header awak nakal... i tak mereng hokayyyy..i miong je kengkadang ahaksss

    1. saya pon x minat sangat cheese ni..masin hahahah..
      awww saya sgt nakall hahahamiong eh sis..boleh buat tagline tuh hahaha

  7. Sedap ni. Sekali hadap habis. Nak membuatnya ambil masa, sekali ngap sekejapan je habis :)

  8. Wah, nampak comel dan menyelerakan


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