Fangs a Lot: Final Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire #4

By anakdenesor - September 03, 2020

Title: Fangs a Lot: Final notes from a totally lame vampire
Author: Tim Collin
ISBN 9781481421348  
Nigel Mullet (vampire, diarist, not-so-heroic hero) puts his leadership and romantic skills to the test in this fun, funny, and not-at-all-lame conclusion to the Totally Lame Vampire series.

Nigel Mullet finds himself in charge of a vampire coven on a remote Scottish island. As if trying to finish his vampire history homework and impress a vamp girl called Lenora wasn’t enough, Nigel has to spend his time resolving petty disputes.

When a new vampire named Victor joins the coven, Nigel is happy to let him take over. But this newcomer soon proves himself to be a brutal and merciless leader. The hapless Nigel is cajoled into becoming the head of the resistance movement, but will he triumph over his enemy? And perhaps more importantly…will he get the girl? 

My Review 
I like the leadership that Nigel shows while handling conflict in the coven. He somehow think out of the box when he need to handle one unique case which is one of the coven member, seth being accused cannot be a vampire. He been doused with holy water, and being crucified with tiny silver Jesus he didn't even flinch. Nigel solves the problem when he  went to his sister's room and tore down two of her posters (fluffy kitten and KatyPerry) He ripped out the cat's head and stuck it over the image of katy perry.Turns out that Seth scared of that picture and he eventually was transformed at a time when everyone worshiped gods with animal heads.

However despite of the cleverness that he shows , no one appreciate him. That's makes him just  want ordinary life and without doubt he gave the throne to newcomers Victor and Svetlana when they come and reclaim their throne. He think that with the retirement from the throne could make his life more easier, turns out Victor and Svetlana planning something more than the throne only. (This part you should read it๐Ÿ˜‹)

For me it is hilarious book. suitable for primary kids key stage 2. I'm enjoying it so much overall ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ over ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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  1. vampire's story is always interesting to read :)

  2. Balasan
    1. kan! ada siri cerita ni..tapi yang ni punya rasa macam menarik lagi

  3. comel gila cover dia.. jalan cerita pun not bad..

  4. this story looks interesting to be read...
    but having english books is quite expensive for me..haha
    and i don't like to read virtual books..
    i hope one day i will be able to spend money on english books Amin...(my dreams :D)

    1. you will my dear..keep dream on it and you shall get it

  5. Cantik cover macam cover comic. Menarik pula baca sipnopsis. Nigel Mullet mengingatkan hiccup hero dalam how to train your dragon. Funny and not so hero tapi leadership bagus :)

    1. Ha la..patot la rasa cam familiar je..hahah akhirnya da tau hehe

  6. muchas gracias por seguir leyendo mi blog .. espero poder inspirarte mรกs