Hiking@Setia Alam Peak Garden

hello peeps!

AD sebenarnya dah pergi lama dah..cuma kali ni repeat lagi maklumlah dekat dengan rumah kan. Kebanyakkan kawan AD yang tggal di setia alam mostly da pernah hiking disitu tapi ada juga yang tak tahu kewujudan bukit ni..yeala tengah tengah kawasan bandar tetibe ada pula tempat nak hiking mesti tertanya tanya kat mana kan. Kawasan yang AD hiking ni dipanggil Peak Garden..

Okay,bukit ini terdapat banyak entrance route daripada A sampai E..Setiap route berbeza pemandangan dan berbeza length, tapi diigatkan agar berhati hati takot tersesat..ada kawan AD tersesat sampai 3 jam tak jumpa jalan keluar sbb die banyak sangat cabang jalan.Mujur dapat keluar juga.. Untuk trip kali ni AD start hiking pukul 7.30pagi sebelom tu da pack nasi lemak sebungkus dan air sebotol..heheh sebab nya da sampai puncak nnti boleh la breakfast kat atas tu..rmai juga yang melepak sambil makan kat situ. Kami berkumpul di club house dan bertolak bersama sama.

Dalam area 8.30 pagi kami sampai ke puncak..actually bole je smpai dlm 40 minit tapi sbb da lama tak hiking,kitwg jalan slow slow je sambil menikmati pemandangan..tapi sayang,sblh bukit ni terletak tapak kawasan perumahan yang sedang dibangunkan..so sad bila tgk sebalah kiri hutan hijau, tapi bila pandang sebalah kanan kawasan pembangunan..habis lapang kawasan..bilamana sibuk dengan pembangunan lupa tentang hutan hutan.

Antara trek semasa mendaki..tanah agak licin sebnarnya time tu, mungkin sbb hujan hari before tu. Salah satu punca kenapa kami slow slow je mendaki. Kami memilih untuk menggunakan route A masa mendaki dan route E semasa exit. Jauh juga perjalanan tapi disebabkan kami enjoy tak terasa penat pon masa tu.

Semasa berada di puncak kami bertemu group pendaki lain,mereka menceritakan mengenai Indon Village masih lagi. Disebabkan kami tidak pernah lagi sampai ke check point tersebut maka sebelum balik kami memutuskan untuk melawat kawasan indon Village tersebut. kalau tak silap AD laluan tersebut laluan C...dalam fikiran AD bila disebut Village menggambarkan perkampungan la kan..macam dekat kampung sendri..tetapi meleset. Meleset kerana apa?sebabnya keadaan indon village tu sgt menyedihkan...seolah olah kawasan rumah setinggan.. rumah beralaskan papan..I wonder how come they survive without electricity, without clean water..so sad...masih ada lagi orang yang kurang bernasib baik..sangat sedih..menyedarkan AD bahawa kita harus sentiasa bersyukur janganlah mengeluh kesah kerana masih ada orang yang lagi susah daripada kita.

Laluan daripada indon village ke exit point tak jauh mana..dalam 10 hingga 15 minit dah sampai ke exit point. Overall AD berpuas hati sebab dapat menghabiskan masa dengan aktiviti berfaedah..at least keluar sikit peluh..dan AD punya walking goal pada hari tersebut mencapai target.!yeayyy! Pada newbie atau baru nak berjinak jinak dengan hiking, anda boleh consider utk cuba hiking di bukit ni..tak terlalu susah..biasa biasa aja cuma berhati hati dengan pilihan laluan yang banyak..selamat mencuba!

Resepi cheesy ball ala-ala KFC

Hello peeps!
Kisahnya semalam AD nak menghabiskan cheese yang dekat rumah..dok fikir nak buat apa dengan cheese banyak kat rumah..so AD gegeh la google resepi..last nya terjumpa la resepi cheesy ball..kaching! tapi barang kat rumah tak lengkap..tak de breads crumbs so AD ganti dengan tepung kentucky..asal boleh je..meh kite tgk resepi die.


  • 4 biji kentang
  • 1 cawan tepung gandum
  • setengah cawan minyak masak
  • mozzarella / cheddar cheese  *(Tips: Kalau suka efek ‘tarik’ macam pizza boleh guna mozzarella. Kalau suka ‘melting’ meleleh-leleh boleh gunakan cheddar.)
  • breadcrumb
  • 2 bji telur

Langkah-Langkah nya:

  • Mula-mula, rebuskan ubi kentang sampai empuk. Kemudian, toskan.
  • Setelah kentang tersebut sejuk,lenyekkan sehingga hancur..kalau ade rempah ratus boleh letak utk dapatkan rasa spicy tapi AD gunakan chili flakes 
  • Selepas tu masukkan satu cawan tepung gandum dan setengah cawan minyak masak
  • Uli menjadi doh..klo still lagi lembik boleh tambah tepung...adjust sehingga menjadi doh yang sempurna dan rehatkan dalam 5 minit.
  •  Then bentukkan adunan doh tersebut seperti bola then masukkan cheese yang dipotong tadi (faham ke?)
  • Salutkan dengan telur
  • Then salutkan dengan bread crums dan gorengkan.*Pastikan minyak cukup panas masa menggoreng utk elakkan cheesy menjadi berminyak


Movie review: Black Panther

click image for clear view
Last Saturday I got opportunity to watch this movie together with my sister and her family. They combined the political issues together with civilization into this movie. How the king managed the territory and think that he can solved the problem by forgetting the past which became more worst in the future. As he said let forget the past and focus to the future even though what he did is wrong. That's is when the father of Black Panther controls the kingdom.

After the death of his father, T'Challa returns home to the African nation of Wakanda to take his rightful place as king.When a powerful enemy suddenly reappears, T'Challa's mettle as king and as Black Panther he gets tested when he's drawn into a conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk. Faced with treachery and danger, the young king must rally his allies and release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people.Other than political issues they also put humour sense to this movie sometimes at the serious scene that make this movie unpredictable. Overall my rating for this movie 4 stars.

The wise build bridges not destroyed them

Wonder by R.J Palacio

Author: R.J Palacio

Wonder tells the story of August, a ten-year old boy who lives with his parents and sister in New York. August, or Auggie as his family call him, is an ordinary boy in many ways. He rides a bike. He play ball, he eat ice cream. But Auggie was born with deformities of the face and looks very different from other kids. 

My name is August,by the way.I won't describe what I look like.Whatever you're thinking, it's probably worse. 

Auggie is far from ordinary. Ordinary kids don't make other ordinary kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Ordinary kids don't get stared at wherever they go. Clues are slowly dropped about his craniofacial abnormality. He is described as having "a mushed-up face" at birth. He eats "like a tortoise" because of surgery to repair a cleft palate that has left a hole in the roof of his mouth. His eyes come down too far, he has cheeks "that looked punched in". What he hates most is his ears, which are "like tiny closed fists".

Auggie’s had 27 operations on his face and has spent a lot of time in hospital. His mother has taught him at home, but now that he’s ten, she thinks he should go to school. At first, Auggie hates the idea of school and doesn’t want to go. He worries that other kids will look at him strangely or call him horrible names after sometimes he say yes to school.

book of inspirational quotes

Wonder is an excellent book bringing the most inspiring story. A lot of morale that I can learn from this book. The power of friendship, the test of one's character. Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings and propel us on occasion to greatness. They also have filming this book.

If they stare,let them stare, You can't blend in when you're born to stand out 

Leave me alone! By Vera Brosgol

My third book for this year. Yeah hopefully I can finish the challenge.

Title: Leave me alone
Author:Vera Brogsgol

An epic tale about one grandmother,a giant sack of yarn and her quest to finish her knitting. There was once an old lady who lived in a small house with a very,very big family. Winter was coming,that meant she had some important knitting to do..but it wasn't getting done.

Her grandchildren were very curious about her knitting:
  • Were you supposed to hit the ball with stick?
  • could you eat it?
  • could you make your brother to eat it?
  • why did the ball get smaller and smaller as you chased it?
The old woman was at the end of her rope.One day she shouted,

and left her village......but don't worry,she will be back.....we think...

very interesting story about cranky,funny and clever grandmother. Wanna know the ending?nahhh you should read it..hahaha



Coffee body scrub by The Pink Diamond

What is a body scrub?

I just  put it simply, a body scrub actually a beauty product which the main purpose of it is to get rid dead skin cells through a process that we called as exfoliation process which as well as cleanse the skin and helping with body's blood circulation.

 What is a scrub good for?

There  are a lot of benefits to body scrub. One of the benefits of using body scrub are to removing the dead skin cells,leaving you feeling fresh,clean and smooth skin. Let me introduce you to Coffee Body scrub from The Pink Diamond.

 A scrub can be really rejuvenate and improved the circulation of blood to the surface of skin which helping to fight cellulite and improve your skin tone. Aware of that benefits of using scrub, The Pink Diamond come out with their product which is coffee body scrub with the same objectives to reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks which leaving you with hydrated,healthy glow and smooth skin.

How to get the best result of a body scrub?

  Not all body scrubs are good for you or the environment. Some scrubs contain harmful chemical but you no need to worry about that if you using coffee body scrubs from the pink diamond. They using all the natural ingredients and handmade! Oh what are you asking for more rather that having the safe ingredients ever filled with a loving heart while making that. 

 Now how to get the best result of a body scrub is to take a few spoon of scrub and apply it in circular motion. Leave it on body about 5 until 10 minutes then wash as usual.           

Ingredients of body scrub.

 Coffee ground,organic sugar,Himalaya pink rock salt,organic coconut oil,sweet almond and cinnamon

My experience of using it.

you can smell of coffee the moment you open the packaging. As you know the smell of coffee can triggers good feelings and for it triggers feeling of wakefulness. The smell is just nice, not like certain product that i have been used it before that give me headache because  the smell is too strong. Coffee body scrub comes with 2 sizes : -Travel pack(50g) and Bottle pack (200g). I'm using travel pack and it can last about a month.Overall i love it so much,after using it you can feel your hands and body feel so much more lighter than before..it is because all my dead cells been rid off?hahaha. The skin becomes soft and if you using it consistently you will look invigorated with a youthful glow about you.- Isn't that what we all want?So what are you waiting for? grab one  Here.


Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

I know its a bit late to comments for this movie..but who's care..hahaha. If you’re into theatrical movies, then this is perfect! The Greatest Showman is an amazing movie containing music, dance, and singing or i like to called it as musical theater.The moment you sit,you have been exposed with a great performance together with a brilliant choreography. I really enjoy of it until the end of the story but i have to admit that the story line a bit slow for me. Waiting for the climax of the story sometimes make me sleepy but it suddenly turn around when they combined it with the songs.It's like sleepy and wake up, then sleepy again and on and on.  

What I can conclude from this movie is, it contains a lot of  morale value. This movie tells you that you should persuade your dreams no matter what happens..don't let your dreams slip away just like that,that make me think back about my dreams..yeah still not too late to follow my dream..hehehe. Not only that, this movie also teach about equality among others. During mid 19th century when people still orthodox in that time,so that anything new,or anything weird they will try to avoid as much as possible, now how about other people with other specialties? As far as I know,we are still humans even though we have different eyes color,different hair style,skins or even tall or short.We still human.We have a right to be treat as equally as others.They will called them as weird person and try to avoid them and through this movie it teaches us how all humans are equal no matter how different they are. It's really nice story to watch. Overall I give 3 and half for this movie.

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear


My second book for the challenge is Finding Winnie. For this title i decided to try eBook and it end up that i liked it very much. Let me explain about the feature of eBook that i read before. It have next button to move to the next page, and if you reading this story to your kids, you can click the play button so that the narrator  will read it to you. The color and resolution of the picture is very good. You also have control about screen color, whether black or white. Other than that you can add your own notes there.This picture book is telling about the journey of a bear named Winnie and a veterinarian,Harry during world war I.

They meet after Harry trade the bear with 20 dollars money.After some time, Harry have to leave winnie to the zoo because of the war and it won't be safe to bring winnie together. After finish reading it then i realized that this picture book is based on true story. Here i attach some of the picture of Harry and the army with winnie.

Harry's diary
Sometimes,you have to let one story end so the next one can begin
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Share the love of reading

Greetings to all book-loving friends!

It's not only Valentine's Day that is coming so soon there's also this day called as INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY and it will be on the 14th of February also (yup, same date!). It is a day dedicated to getting books in the hands of many as possible.

In order to support that event, we decided to do book swap at library. Share your love of reading by giving away your pre-loved book/s and getting one (or more) in return! Just bring them over to the library anytime within the month of February. You can either choose to get a book in exchange or simply give it away as donation.

I really hope it would be successful event for library..finger cross..heee..

Segmen Jari jemari menari bloglist


AD berkesempatan untuk join segemen "Jari jemari menari bloglist by Cik ika. Moga termasuklah AD dalam senarai bloglist beliau..actually i have nothing to comment about her blog..minimalist,simple and CUTE!hahaha. So far everything is good..psttt..u are witty writer ika

A graphic novel : Roller Girl

Title:Roller Girl
Author:Victoria Jamieson

 Still continuing my reading challenge from last year and Newberry reading for this year and lucky for me because for i can read same book for both challenge. The story about 12 year old named Astrid, who has always done everything with her best friend, Nicole. They always do things together so when Astrid signs up for roller derby camp, she assumes that Nicole will too. But you guess what for the first time Nicole didn't, she signs up for dance camp with a new friend instead and so begins the toughest summer of Astrid's life.As Astrid learn who she is without Nicole and what it takes to be strong, tough roller girl.


I know a lot of us will stay with the same best friend especially for girl, and this book related the real situation that sometimes happen to our lives.People come and go as they want  and lucky for those who stay by your side..This book show how struggled Astrid to be blend with others,how hard she have to practice to be among the best. Most importantly the value of friendship.For me,its a good book a lot of morale support to you go through difficult time. I really like the main character,Astrid.How she overcome all the problem that she faces.She really brave,strong and tough girl.

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