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Hiking@Setia Alam Peak Garden

hello peeps! AD sebenarnya dah pergi lama dah..cuma kali ni repeat lagi maklumlah dekat dengan rumah kan. Kebanyakkan kawan AD yang tggal di setia alam mostly da pernah hiking disitu tapi ada juga yang tak tahu kewujudan bukit ni..yeala tengah tengah kawasan bandar tetibe ada pula te…

Resepi cheesy ball ala-ala KFC

Hello peeps! Kisahnya semalam AD nak menghabiskan cheese yang dekat rumah..dok fikir nak buat apa dengan cheese banyak kat AD gegeh la google resepi..last nya terjumpa la resepi cheesy ball..kaching! tapi barang kat rumah tak lengkap..tak de breads crumbs so AD ganti dengan …

Movie review: Black Panther

click image for clear view Last Saturday I got opportunity to watch this movie together with my sister and her family. They combined the political issues together with civilization into this movie. How the king managed the territory and think that he can solved the problem by …

Wonder by R.J Palacio

Title:Wonder Author: R.J Palacio Wonder tells the story of August, a ten-year old boy who lives with his parents and sister in New York. August, or Auggie as his family call him, is an ordinary boy in many ways. He rides a bike. He play ball, he eat ice cream. But Auggie was …

Leave me alone! By Vera Brosgol

My third book for this year. Yeah hopefully I can finish the challenge. Title: Leave me alone Author:Vera Brogsgol An epic tale about one grandmother,a giant sack of yarn and her quest to finish her knitting. There was once an old lady who lived in a small house with a very,ve…

Coffee body scrub by The Pink Diamond

What is a body scrub? I just  put it simply, a body scrub actually a beauty product which the main purpose of it is to get rid dead skin cells through a process that we called as exfoliation process which as well as cleanse the skin and helping with body's blood circulation. …

Movie Review: The Greatest Showman

I know its a bit late to comments for this movie..but who's care..hahaha. If you’re into theatrical movies, then this is perfect! The Greatest Showman is an amazing movie containing music, dance, and singing or i like to called it as musical theater.The moment you sit,you have be…

Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear

My second book for the challenge is Finding Winnie. For this title i decided to try eBook and it end up that i liked it very much. Let me explain about the feature of eBook that i read before. It have next button to move to the next page, and if you reading this story to your…

Share the love of reading

Greetings to all book-loving friends! It's not only Valentine's Day that is coming so soon there's also this day called as INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY and it will be on the 14th of February also (yup, same date!). It is a day dedicated to getting books in the…

Segmen Jari jemari menari bloglist

AD berkesempatan untuk join segemen "Jari jemari menari bloglist by Cik ika. Moga termasuklah AD dalam senarai bloglist beliau..actually i have nothing to comment about her blog..minimalist,simple and CUTE!hahaha. So far everything is good..psttt..u are witty writer ika

A graphic novel : Roller Girl

Title:Roller Girl Author:Victoria Jamieson  Still continuing my reading challenge from last year and Newberry reading for this year and lucky for me because for i can read same book for both challenge. The story about 12 year old named Astrid, who has always done everything w…

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