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By anakdenesor - Februari 06, 2018

Greetings to all book-loving friends!

It's not only Valentine's Day that is coming so soon there's also this day called as INTERNATIONAL BOOK GIVING DAY and it will be on the 14th of February also (yup, same date!). It is a day dedicated to getting books in the hands of many as possible.

In order to support that event, we decided to do book swap at library. Share your love of reading by giving away your pre-loved book/s and getting one (or more) in return! Just bring them over to the library anytime within the month of February. You can either choose to get a book in exchange or simply give it away as donation.

I really hope it would be successful event for library..finger cross..heee..

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    1. heheh ni buat antara staff je nih..heheh..shida bole buat juga kat opis sana tu