A graphic novel : Roller Girl

By anakdenesor - Februari 02, 2018

Title:Roller Girl
Author:Victoria Jamieson

 Still continuing my reading challenge from last year and Newberry reading for this year and lucky for me because for i can read same book for both challenge. The story about 12 year old named Astrid, who has always done everything with her best friend, Nicole. They always do things together so when Astrid signs up for roller derby camp, she assumes that Nicole will too. But you guess what for the first time Nicole didn't, she signs up for dance camp with a new friend instead and so begins the toughest summer of Astrid's life.As Astrid learn who she is without Nicole and what it takes to be strong, tough roller girl.


I know a lot of us will stay with the same best friend especially for girl, and this book related the real situation that sometimes happen to our lives.People come and go as they want  and lucky for those who stay by your side..This book show how struggled Astrid to be blend with others,how hard she have to practice to be among the best. Most importantly the value of friendship.For me,its a good book a lot of morale support to you go through difficult time. I really like the main character,Astrid.How she overcome all the problem that she faces.She really brave,strong and tough girl.

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  1. Nice one :) Hee. Lama tak baca komik.

    1. hehe nie baru pinjam satu set komik..buat bekalan hari mggu hahah

  2. Wah.. novel graphic.. Suka bila kartun berwarna nie.. lagi laju membaca..

    1. kan..syok je bace..mmg kaki komik nk buat mcm mana hahaha