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Wordless Wednesday #6

Note to Self

Punished #5

Title: Punished Author : Vanessa Steel Format : Paperback Page :336 Pages Publisher : Harper Collins Publisher ISBN : 9780007256815   A Mother's Cruelty. a Daughter's Survival. a Secret That Couldn't be Told.     'Punished' is the inspiring true story of an unu…

DIY labels sticker

DIY labels sticker ৷ Pernah tak nampak kat jar yang dah siap tulis "Flour" atau "sugar" Ha today AD nak tunjukkan caranmudah macam mana nak buat sticker untuk jar.  Caranya senang je, anda senaraikan balang yang anda ada. Pilih jenis fonts Print Gunting dan tampalkan …


Hye guys! in the mood to join segment again. I have been following Ray at IG for quite some time ago. From only a few thousand followers of her until now 11k followers. Quite impressive!!!! I love to read her blog because of the way she expose herself, the selection of words that she pi…

Rendang mak koi, bukan mak aok

Bahan A (kisar) serai ( 2batang) bawang kecil (5 ulas) bawang besar (1 biji) bawang putih (4 ulas) halia (3 inci) Bahan B ayam 1 ekor cili boh ( 3 sudu) kerisik ( 2 sudu) santan kotak (250ml) sedikit air asam keping (3 keping) sedikit kunyit serbuk ( optional) Cara-caranya: 🐤Tuang s…

Hogoh de Coco@ TEMERLOH

Hogoh de Coco@ TEMERLOH 𐌠  Ada orang Pahang tak kat sini?sep sket! yeah AD orang pahang, lagi tepat di Temerloh..yea ah koi orang temerloh, bandar ikan patin, aok orang mane? ececehh..keluar dah lograt pahang. Arini AD nak share sket minuman air kelapa yang best selain coconut shake..haa…

Sausage roll for kids

Sausage roll for kids ୲ Hye peeps! Today I want to share easy and quick menu for kids. Estimate time around 10 to 15 minutes to finish it. Prep time: 10 minutes    Cook time: 5 minutes Ingredients: Bread  Cheese Sausage Egg - 1 Bread crumbs  Take 1 slice of bread and rolled it until it be…

Clip mask extender

Clip mask extender  𐌠  Since the new norm mewajibkan kita untuk memakai mask ketika berada di luar rumah, and kita para wanita especially yang bertudung mengalami kesukaran untuk memakai mask. Namun tiada lagi masalah tersebut dengan menggunakan mask extender. Tidak dinafikan berbagai je…

Mystery box # 1

Mystery box ⎸ I got this box from kak sha . Eh! how!why? it's book swapping..wanna know more bout it? you can read it HERE . Kak Sha suka membaca, antara bahan bacaan beliau psychical book and ebooks. Tengok sajalah reading goals beliau di goodreads, rasanya AD masih jauh lagi..tak m…

ASEC First aid training

ASEC First aid training ⎸ Have you ever experienced an emergency situation and you have no clue at all how to handle it.What would you do? I always think what can I personally offer to those who are in need but the major problem is I  don't know  and I don't have any knowledge.  I…

Give a book,get a book

Give a book, get a book  ⎸ It all begin when I'm blog walking to  Ika's blog and kinda interested with one of her post regarding the book exchange. You give a book and you get a book. How cool is that!  Book swapping or book exchange is the practice of a swap of books between…

Resepi Lempeng 3 bahan orang bujang

Hye guys! 🥰 Today AD nak share satu resepi yg simple dan masa untuk preparation pon xsmpai la 5 minit..seriously senang dan cepat! Apakah itu? Lempeng 3 bahan orang bujang diberi nama..eceyyyy Bahan-bahan tepung gandum 1 cawan air 1 cawan telur 1 biji Arahan Sila gunakan…

inside scoop

Location:  23-G Jalan Anggerik Vanilla, BF31/BF, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Selangor AD berkesempatan untuk membasahkan tekak di Inside Scoop cawangan kota kemuning. This is my first time, and the interior amat berbeza dengan inside scoop cawangan lain yang AD pernah pergi. Cantik! A…

Fangs a Lot: Final Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire #4

Title: Fangs a Lot: Final notes from a totally lame vampire Author: Tim Collin Hardcover  ISBN 9781481421348    Synopsis Nigel Mullet (vampire, diarist, not-so-heroic hero) puts his leadership and romantic skills to the test in this fun, funny, and not-at-all-lame concl…

How to be single #3

Title:How to be single  Author: Liz Tuccillo Paperback ISBN: 9781416534129   It's the most annoying question and they just can't help asking you: Why are you single? Synopsis On a brisk October morning in New York, Julie Jenson, a single thirty-eight-year…

wordless wednesday #5

International School open yesterday..hopefully can survived for 37ish more weeks!

7 stages of grief.

"But every time you hurt me, the less that I cry. And every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry. And every time you walk out, the less I love you. Baby, we don't stand a chance, it's sad but it's true." 7 stages of grief ⎸ Fall in love wit…

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