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ASEC First aid training

ASEC First aid training ⎸Have you ever experienced an emergency situation and you have no clue at all how to handle it.What would you do? I always think what can I personally offer to those who are in need but the major problem is I don't know and I don't have any knowledge.  If you ask any individual who has taken a first aid training program if it was worth it and their answer will be "Yes!" Having some basic aid knowledge is essential. Lucky I managed to join First Aid Training that is provided by my company. For this time, my company collaborated with ASEC( academy of safety and emergency care)

It took 2 days to finish this course and about 20 persons who participate together with me. Having first aid knowledge does more than help save life. First thing that I learn is giving appropriate first aid immediately can help to reduce a person's recovery time and make the difference between the victim having a temporary or permanent disability. I like the way they using simple acronyms to help you recall the steps you need to take, for example DR.CAB and within a few minutes they force you to remember it and believe me, once you remember, it will stick in your head forever.The tutors will try their best to make sure you confident and comfortable and therefore more effective and in control when you need to be. 

They provide each of us with a book as a guideline. It's in dual language, malay and english.

Well not all injuries require a trip to hospital such as a small cut to your finger but it doesn't mean that it not cause pain and suffering to the victim. By knowing how to act, even just by employing simple techniques such as applying an ice pack correctly you will help to relieve their discomfort. I remembered when we been discussing about burn and scald topic. They telling us the don't and do stuff. There are a lot of remedies how to deal with scald such as pour soy sauce, put toothpaste and it's kinda funny when the instructor said

 " nak tanya sikit, kne letak colgate je ke?kalau letak darlie tak boleh ke?" Sengal!🤪

I have experienced with scald, I think that time probably around 9 years old i got 2nd degree burn at my left wrist, mom not around my sister calling my neighbour for help and guess what, they literally practice all the remedies before sending me to clinic. Burn and scald is my favourite topic during the training. The spontaneous action from the instructor and all that kind stupid remedies makes me laugh harder😂

                                                            The awesome instructors

                                                              Pardon my Parkinson hand. 😆 

Personally I think first aid training gives you tools to prevent the situation from becoming worse. Being able to do basic care and stabilise a victim until medical team arrives really help the victim and it creates the confidence to care. Definitely a worth course to take, gain knowledge and help others. 

~until then XOXO~~

Hi, I’m Nad.Full time librarian and part time blogger, not to mention that I develop S.O.S (save our space) The Digitalization of damaged books.


  1. Replies
    1. itu la pasal..gaya die tanya tu cam serius sangat je..igtkan nak tanay ape..sekali daaa sengal tol

  2. bagus attend course mcm ni....ubat gigi semua dah dipanggil 'colgate'..hehe...begitu kuat impact brand ni..

  3. es muy bueno estar capacitado para este tipo de situaciones

  4. wah bestnyaa ada training untuk basic aid knowledge :D dengan knowledge mcm ni, kalau ada apa-apa terjadi dekat kita atau pun family kita, sekurang-kurangnya ada pengetahuan sikit pasal benda emergency care ni :)

    1. kadang kita tak tahu bila atau macam mana nak handle klo ada emergency, at least bila belajar ni sedikit sebanyak train kita utk jadi lebih tenang..dan analisis apa yang patot kita buat

  5. Hehe... Colgate yg femes. Bgsnya ilmu first aid ni

    1. hahaha ai pakai darlie okay..kesian darlie dilupakan hahaha..

  6. mesti ade mulot ke mulot tuhh.. hehehe

    1. actually xde wak..diajarkan caranya sahaja sebab MCO so kne follow new SOP

  7. Wahh tiba-tiba rindu aktiviti PBSM kat sekolah heheh.
    Nice sharing AD!! ;)

    1. tak AD bawak kenangan lalu menyapa hahaha..oppss ai dulu brass band je ha..dok men trumpet tengah padang..hahaha

  8. bagus program mcm ni..byk ilmu dpt kan :)

    1. betul tu sis..ilmu tu dapat kita kongsikan juga bersama..

  9. Seronok kursus ini sebenarnya.. selain mendapat pengetahun, ianya juga membantu kita supaya tak cemas bila berdepan situasi kecemasan..

    1. betul kak sha..tapi tu la..klo da depan situasi sebenar harapnya jangan panic jela.

  10. Sangat berbaloi join course macam ni. At least kita boleh bertindak apa yang sepatutnya jika ada emergency atau terjadi apa².

  11. kalau laa sy dpt join best nyaaaa bleh tambah ilmu😊


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