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By anakdenesor - November 08, 2021



[FOOD]꘡Fowlboys is one of the best place to experience poultry pleasure. Have you ever craved a good burger? Are you getting bored eating McDonald's?  You definitely should try to eat Fowlboys. Besides eating at the shop, Fowlboys offers deliveries too. I tried the Motherclucker (RM18.50) piles the meat with garlic mayo, jalapeno slaw, and a 'fowl jam' of tomatoes and peppers.

Another dish that I tried is Sugar Daddy (RM20.00). The chicken is fresh, succulent and superbly seasoned, chunky with a crunchy-craggy coating. Customers have a choice of Neat, Mild, Hot or Xtra Hot for the spice - Mild is ideal for me, the taste is more like a friendly flame, while Hot is stinging, nearly overwhelming the chicken with intense, guns-blazing chilies. You can feel the juiciness of every bite that you take.It's so damn good.

Since we're a chicken lovers we decided to add on the side dish. This time we choose Tender Lovin'(RM16.50). The best part is you will get a cashback whenever you eat here. Good meals and a cashback? Well, say yes to me.

The Menu

Our arrival was warmly welcomed by miss Alia. Since this is our first time here, Miss Alia explained how to order food at Fowlboys. It was a pleasant experience. What are you waiting for, let's come here!

Address: FOWLBOYS SS15 - 38 Jalan SS 15/4B 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor


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  1. kenapa tema dia merah putih macam Five Guys haha nasib baik harga dia jauh lebih murah. Fries dia macam besar. Puas hati makan

    1. AAH la bila farhana sebut baru kite perasan tema warna sama. besar tau..bege die pon besar juga jenuh nak habiskan

  2. menarik ni, harga pun reasonable..

  3. This looks incredible! Definitely my kind of meals. Those lattice fries look especially delicious :)
    the creation of beauty is art.

  4. Nampak sedap, boleh la tukar selera asyik McD je kan

  5. waah..napelah takde di area rumah akak. jemu jugak asyik mekdi n kepci

  6. Cuya tak pernah dengar tempat makan ni...kalau dekat dah lama pergi merasa..hehe