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By anakdenesor - November 17, 2021


 BookXcess MytownCalling all book lovers! Check out the new bookstore at MyTown "BookXcess" Tons of books you can get here with a 31,200 square feet that offers more than 170,000 books! There's nothing as exciting as tucking into a good book.

Thank you for the invitation

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, this invite is for one pax only, but it's okay I'm more than  happy to get the invitation. The spacious area that is build to enhance customer’s in-store experience, a range of attractions will make shopping fun, fast, and convenient.

Whether you prefer horror, true crime scene, fiction, or something  totally different, BookXcess has books that available in lots of different genre. Well if you ask me, it's kinda difficult at first to find the genre that I'm looking for because you really need to explore the bookstore. The decoration inside the bookstore is more to  “instagrammable” design that offers various interesting and unique themes from the customer service area to An Art Gallery. 

Since opening our doors in 2007, BookXcess has reinvigorated and redefined bookselling in Malaysia and beyond, offering an unparalleled range of affordably priced books from classic novels to children’s pop-ups to bestselling self-help titles. The mission is to create, inspire, and empower and build a new generation of readers.  


You can enjoy browsing the selection of books while you can a coffee or take a book home with you. Did you know that BookXcess is the first bookstore that has two F&B outlets named Ume Tei 梅亭 - established in 1997 by a chef from Okinawa, Japan, Ume Tei 梅亭 is a family-run restaurant that serves classic Japanese Teishoku (set meals) and noodles dishes. Also another cafe is WHISK - established in early 2010, WHISK specializes in coffee & serves up a delicious line up of home-baked desserts.


One of my favourite parts about book shopping is browsing through the shelves. Sometimes I know exactly what I want. Other times, far more often, I just want to have a poke around, read the titles, stroke the covers, and search for something that catches my fancy. If I’m looking for a new book, but I don’t know what I want yet, I can read a few pages from the middle, you just need to bring that book over the counter then they will open the wrap for you.  You can decide If you want to take it home or not.

They carry a great range of titles and they offer good prices. That's the thing that I love about this bookstore. Very cheap! Mostly the range of price starting from RM17.00 fro both hardcover and paperback. I mean RM17 for hardcover? Are you kidding me?? But bear in mind the collection of the books in this bookstore still in growing process. You might hard to find all the famous author that you will be looking for. I can't find my favourite author there but understandable and turns out I find a great book to replace it.

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  1. uish.. bestnya... lepas ronda ikea ronda lg di sini.. mmg sehari semalam lah dok di mytown

  2. What a nice post:) thanks for your sharing...

  3. kita x pernah smp mana2 book excess ni lagi hehehe...

  4. Oooo... ada kat sini eh?

    MyTown ni sepelaung je dengan rumah uncle...

  5. Rajinnya, sedap kopi, lama tak singgah book store.

  6. belum berkesempatan nak pergi. kawan kata best. tunggu tak busy nanti lah

  7. I'm yet check out this bookstore. Perhaps in near future.