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About the Author:

George Yuhasz is a passionate advocate for the protection and preservation of our natural world. A proud father and grandfather, life long learner, and world traveler, he delights in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for appreciating the joy and wonder of connecting with nature. A B.A. graduate of American University’s Schools of Government and International Service, he also holds a M.A. in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. George is a former U.S. Government special agent, intelligence officer, and contractor, and has also worked in the private sector as an investigator and security consultant. A special joy in his life was coaching the Allegheny College cross country team for fourteen fall seasons. George lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina and is currently working on another children’s book and a suspense novel.

On a night when the sky is full of stars, sometimes there appears light that cannot be explained, even by the smartest astronomers. We know about comets and asteroids-even shooting stars. We know what these are and they can be explained. But there are flashes of light in the sky for which there is no name or explanation, and to this day they remain a mystery. However, not too long ago a little girl discovered why she was able to see lights in the sky that no one else could see.

Evelyn is a little girl who lives with her parents and brother in a house with a big backyard. On nights when the sky is filled with brightly shining stars, she loves to go outside before bed to see the Milky Way and the Big Dipper and dream about the planets. But Evelyn has a secret; She is able to see flashes of light streaking across the night sky that no one else can see. And she’ll soon learn that her secret is actually a wonderful gift!

One fact that we all know is children have a good heart and strong imagination. The power of theirs thoughts can take them on amazing journeys. Which we come to the main theme of this story. Imagination. Imagine that, is a wonderful children’s story with a very unique but interesting plot. The characters are absolutely adorable! I like it when Yuhasz emphasize about the power of knowledge. Life without knowledge is useless and the dream actually can be archived is the biggest lesson in this story. 
What I can recap :
To children, Imagination is a very special gift that you can use to create anything you want and there is no limit to what they want to imagine.
To parents. It's important to support and believe in your children no matter what kind of dreams they dream about.
 To all of us. Do not give up on anything. You still can make your dream come true. Believed in yourself.

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