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Hello, my fellow Dinosaurian!

Working from home is awesome…right up until your cat chew on your laptop and having a neighbour who you can only assume is building a time machine, start firing up all sort of power tools and noisy machinery across the street LOL😆. How about we take a deep breath and shopping! One of the effective ways to release your stress.


I'm pretty sure that you guys are already familiar with a local e-commerce platform named PG Mall. Fun facts: PG Mall( is Malaysia's No.1 E-commerce platform, that has been established since 2017 and is the ONLY local e-commerce platform in Malaysia. How cool is that! Plus PG Mall have been ranked as top 3 e-commerce site at Iprice insight report please refer here

With the endemic situation, we as much as we could to avoid going out so often to minimize contact with outsiders. Here is the solution that I can give to you. You can shop at PGMall and the best part is PGMall accept all e-wallets and have a payment gateway that is so convenient for us.

PGMall 11.11 BIG FIESTA (1-14 November)

Calling all shopping lovers! PGMall will be having a great sale during November.

To avoid all coulda, shoulda, wouldas.. We reveal the deals.
They will having a pre-sales fiesta from 1 November to 10 November. It’s PRE-SALES FIESTA.

Shake, shake, shake. Shake your hand. ‘Shake the World’ UPSIZED during this period. Tons of vouchers you can redeem that up to 11,000. Even more attractive prizes to be won including discount voucher RM15 OFF kaching!! Buying stuff and you will be rewarded, Hello! that’s a good deal. Not to mention that you will also get RM20 OFF GrabExpress delivery. Meanwhile if you are shopping online from 10- 12 November you will get RM15 OFF + RM4.50 FREE SHIPPING (WM) & RM15 OFF + RM10 FREE SHIPPING (EM)

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Starting from 12am until 2am tons of vouchers to be collect such as:

  • Voucher RM40 OFF + Free Shipping, min spend RM100 (1 time per shopper), you need to put code SMO11BF40.
  • Voucher RM35 OFF + Free Shipping, min spend RM100 (1 time per shopper), code SMO11BF35
  • Voucher RM15 + Free Shipping, min spend RM50 ( 3 time per shopper), code SMO11BF15

I guess I can't resist Flash deals from PGMALL, this is because they will be having a Flash deal with starting of the price RM0.11 to RM11.11, so cheap! If you think that is good deals already wait until 9pm. From 9pm until 12am they will be having a last call bundle deal. You need to purchase bundle deal to be entitled for 1 entry to win gold bar (3 winners will be selected)


I guess November is your lucky month. They are being so generous with sales. In order to appreciate their buyers they will be having a Thank You Sale from 12-14 of November. Don't forget about the Flash sale from 11 featured brands such as Nestle, Audrey, cotton home and many more. So what are you waiting for. Let's shopping!  

Shopping now

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  1. masuk bulan baru penuhlah sales, tak plan lagi nak shopping apa bulan ni..hehe

  2. aiseh, kena standby poket dah ni

  3. kita lama dah takde wfh, koje ari-ari dah dik oi... tp tetap boleh usha segala online sale hehehheh

  4. How wonderful! Online shopping is definitely a good way to avoid going out and having to deal with people!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  5. salu je tgk pgmall ni.. tp x penah lg try.. skrg dh 80% boleh masuk ofis sbb tu jarang nk blogwalking or update blog