By anakdenesor - November 18, 2021


The Numbers Game, by Miles Watson

Genre:  Historical fiction 

Print length: 45 pages 

Age range: This is an adult book 

Trigger warnings: Realistic war theme 

Amazon Rating: 5*

The Battle of Britain rages. London is in flames, and civilization itself totters on the brink. Does Pilot Officer Maurice Mickel white care? Not one damn. He may be one of the better fighter pilots in the Royal Air Force, but it's not by choice. Maurice is a mathematical genius, who, if not for Hitler, would be happily teaching algebra and calculus at university. To hell with the war! Maurice just wants his numbers. Trouble is...the numbers also want him.

 I guess you can't separate a man from his addiction. In this case, numbers. You can't take away numbers from Maurice. He always has a method how to calculate how near he is to die and somehow that's the reason why he become so addicted to numbers.

Numbers are the reason how he survives every attack. He calculates and always comes out with a solution how to survive the attack from the enemy. The main question in this book is, will his theory save him next or not.

A short story with 41 pages only. The Numbers game is an adult book with a strong possession of death. That's is an unhealthy obsession with death that I guess is not for me. A lot of math theories that being used in this book to calculate the odd chance of survival of Maurice from war. Meanwhile, I kinda hate math. LOL which, makes me difficult to understand the way that he used to count the chances. 
This book is not for me. ⭐⭐only.

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