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Author: Ashley Meggitt
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Genre:  Horror suspense, Metaphysical science fiction
Print length: 241
Age range: 18+
Trigger warnings: Explicit violence. Ritual killing.


Oblivio salvationem Angelis opperitur: Oblivion awaits the Angel’s salvation


The Boy can see lost souls. 

He has never questioned the fact that he can see them. He thinks of them as the Dark Chorus. When he sets out to restore the soul of his dead mother it becomes clear that his ability comes from within him. It is a force that he cannot ignore – the last shard of the shattered soul of an angel. To be restored to the kingdom of light, the shard must be cleansed of the evil that infects it – but this requires the corrupt souls of the living!

With the help from Makka, a psychotically violent young man full of hate, and Vee, an abused young woman full of pain, the Boy begins to kill. Psychiatrist Dr Eve Rhodes is seconded to assist the police investigation into the Boy’s apparently random ritualistic killings. As the investigation gathers pace, a pattern emerges. When Eve pulls at the thread from an article in an old psychology journal, what might otherwise have seemed to her a terrible psychotic delusion now feels all too real…

Will the Boy succeed in restoring the angel’s soul to the light? Can Eve stop him, or will she be lost to realm of the Dark Chorus? 

First of all, let me ask you one question, what do you do if you know someone who has been abused? will you save them or will you just keep quiet? This is a fact of life, there are still many out there who  are still in toxic relationships, not to mention those who have been abused since their childhood, mentally and physically. Abuse is one of the issues highlighted by the author in this book.
I will start with three awesome characters in this story. The Boy, Makka and Vee, three damaged youngsters with shocking backstories, each with their own issues and flaws are on a quest. Two of them want to exact revenge on the person responsible for their personal pain  meanwhile the boy on his personal quest but three of them complete each other. They are strong when together and as if the fate were already plan ahead for them.
Ever heard the proverb don't judge a book by it's cover? Sometimes what we do doesn't make sense in their eyes but only we understand ourselves. To them what the boy did was ridiculous and unacceptable.  Don't judge people before you know the whole story.
What you need to know before read this book consist of ritual killing. The book begins terrifyingly and pretty much stays that way. It conclude Fantasy, horror, mystery, and commentary on very relevant social issues.  

Overall 💖💖💖


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