[BR] Diary of a rich kid: Road trip #34

By anakdenesor - Oktober 28, 2021

 Diary of a rich kid: Road tripꘑThank you author for the free eBook. I have been in touch in Malcom Meijin since we inviting him to our school for "book week"event.

Author: Malcom Meijin

Format: eBook

Genre: Graphic novel

A wild road trip adventure in the heart of Kuching that draws delighted laughter and endless excitement. Robin and his friends embark on a journey of amazing discovery where they explore delicious local food and breathtaking destinations. Their adventure takes a comedic turn when they encounter orangutans and proboscis monkeys in the wildlife. When their best friend mysteriously disappears, their road trip takes a swerve on rocky path of danger and suspense 

One of my favorite genres to read is graphic novels. I feel that graphic novels can help me from getting into a reading slump and fun too!  You would get that my opinion towards this book would be like one of the unpopular opinions. The story begins with  Robin and his family deciding that they're going on a trip! In Kuching. And of course, Robing brings along his friends, Charlie, Siti, and Chloe. It is an educational trip because it tells you about several places in Kuching as Bako National Park, Sarawak Cultural Village, and Plaza Merdeka Mall. I also noticed that they tend to mention Laksa Sarawak so many times. I want it too!

Here is the crucial part..

My first impression of this book was annoying. The characters in this book are the same as those depicted by the title. How the main character (Robin) bragging about money personally, I kinda dislike it. As I mention before, graphic novels are my favorite genre to read but unfortunately, this book doesn't give me much satisfaction. Reading this book always reminds me of the book "Diary of wimpy kid" which surprisingly I enjoy reading that book more than this book.

There is an incomplete sentence on page 4 "Manda is to a wealthy tycoon named Alibaba, who hails from Saudi Arabia" Something is missing...what exactly are they trying to say there?

However, I do like the main ideas about the trip.  How the author promotes Kuching in this book. Only πŸ’—πŸ’— from me.

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  1. editor tak check betul2 lah tu sebelum publish. Hilang mood sebab kita asyik teringat tang Manda is tu

  2. Akak baru nak cakap yang bila tengok cover tu, terus terlintas Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    1. Samalah. Kita pun teringat Diary of Whimpy Kid jugak. Ha3.

  3. I appreciate your honest review on this! Hope you are having a great week <3
    the creation of beauty is art.