Disney + New Horror Show. Just Beyond


Since Halloween is just around the corner, Disney + comes out with a new horror show that contains eight short stories written by the famous author R.L.Stine. He is often referred to as the "Stephen King of children's literature."  

Stories that contain morals and messages behind them are always powerful. It's crazy to see that how words can be so powerful. The title of the show is Just Beyond. So these are the morals of the story from my point of view.

Episode One: Leave them kids alone.



When 14-year-old activist Veronica Vanderhall is suspended from school, her parents send her to Miss Genevieve’s School for Difficult Girls, which claims to have an impeccable record for rehabilitating complicated girls with a “streak.” Miss Genevieve and her students appear to be the picture of perfection, with impeccable manners and identical, immovable hairdos. However, Veronica soon discovers that those impeccable manners mask a dark secret and hatches a plan to help the girls regain their voices. 

Moral of the story:

Listen to your kids. They cannot be a child forever. Just because they change does not mean they stop loving you. 

Episode Two: Parents Are From Mars, Kids Are From Venus



Jack and Ronald, 14-year-old best friends, swear their parents get weirder every day. But their embarrassment turns to shock when boys stumble into the adults’ game night and discover their parents dressed in ornate robes, chanting and levitating objects. Are they witches? In a cult? They seek help from the owner of a local curiosities shop, who suspects their parents are aliens. As the families hit the road for a shared trip to a remote lake house, Jack and Ronald fear for their lives. 

Moral of the story:

I kinda lost in this story. But what I can conclude here is to accept your family as who they are. After all, only them that we got.

Episode Three: Which Witch 



As the only witch at her high school, Fiona has learned that the safest way to navigate her teen years is to blend in. She’s over the moon that her secret crush, Emilio, has asked her to the homecoming dance. Then, her parents drop a bomb. Cousin Luna — who Fiona loves but considers “fresh off the broomstick” — is arriving from England and attending Fiona’s school. Unlike Fiona, Luna is proud of being a witch and eager to show off her magical abilities. Fiona must decide if she’ll continue to hide … or let them see the witch. 

Moral of the story:

You are who you are. Be proud of what you are.

Episode Four: My Monster



Outwardly, Olivia appears to be handling her parents’ recent divorce quite well; but inside, she’s anxious and overwhelmed. It doesn’t help that her family’s new place, her mother’s childhood home, has squeaky floorboards, flickering lights, and a seriously creepy vibe. Olivia’s fears are validated when she comes face-to-face with a masked, hulking humanoid who quickly vanishes. When the heart-pounding haunting continue, Olivia and her neighbor Graham set out to solve the mystery of the masked monster. 

Moral of the story:

you have to make peace with the past in order to move on and live peacefully.

Episode Five: Unfiltered



Lily Renton, the smart yet plain star of her high school’s Quiz Bowl team, often compares herself to celebrities and admires the popular girls at school. Just once, she wishes someone would think of her as beautiful, rather than smart. Her wish comes true when a substitute teacher introduces Lily to an invite-only beauty app that magically transforms her appearance. 

Moral of the story:

People often choose outer beauty over inner beauty whereas inner beauty is the most important than that. 

Episode Six: We've Got Spirits, Yes We Do



Fourteen-year-old Ella should be excited about her class field trip to the legendary Fox Theatre. Unfortunately, her ex-best friend, Zoe, is also going. At the theatre, a tour guide tells the tale of a 1938 fire that claimed the lives of an acting troupe in rehearsal. Legend has it, the dead thespians are looking to pluck the living and drag them into their phantasmal acting troupe. When personal with Zoe sends her running off, Ella finds herself trapped in the theater after dark, and in the middle of a ghostly drama. 

Moral of the story:

Make peace with your past. Forgiving and forgetting and the most important part is always believed in yourself.

Episode Seven: Standing Up for Yourself



The idyllic town of Larkinville is tormented by 13-year-old Trevor Larkin, a bully with a menacing scar and massive build. Trevor is particularly pumped when a new student, aka an ideal target, arrives at school. Fourteen-year-old Evan Burger wears glasses, hand-me-down clothing, and a prosthetic leg that makes him walk with a slight limp. But appearances can be deceiving and when Evan stands up for himself, Trevor’s actions will change his life — and Larkinville — forever

Moral of the story:

Be kind to everybody.

Episode Eight: The Treehouse



It’s been nearly a year since Sam’s dad passed away, and after saving up his money, Sam just became the proud owner of his late father’s favorite comic in mint condition. That is until the neighborhood bully snatches it and tosses it in a puddle. Wrecked, Sam retreats to the treehouse he and his father built; but lightning from a fast-moving storm cracks a branch and sends him tumbling to the ground. He awakens in an alternate universe, where strange yet familiar encounters ultimately lead him to an excruciating choice. 

Moral of the story:

Be careful with what you are wishing for. Sometimes you have to accept the past and embrace the current moment. 

So that's from me. Let's share your thoughts too!




  1. suka cita2 disney, ada kat astro tak?

  2. anak anak suka la cerita macam ni...

    1. jangan kata bebudak, saya pon layan hahaha..

  3. macam best, though maybe I'm too old for this kind of show. hehe. minat RL Stine, memang membesar dengan karya-karya dia

    1. cerita santai je kak, ala xde hal la boleh je tengok..
      betul tu suka baca cerita RL Stine ni. Goosebumps la paling suka

  4. Balasan
    1. Takpela nanti kita cari cerita kat netflix pula heheh

  5. Oh wow. I didn't even know about this show, but I am totally going to watch it! I used to love reading R.L. Stine books when I was growing up.
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. Me too! the vibe somehow different that's why always looking for his book

  6. mcm2 moral value ada ye.. bagus ni.

    1. aah... sebab ade 8 cerita pendek jadi ada 8 moral juga hehe

  7. Just beyond tu nak tonton nanti, thanks for sharing

  8. suka citer dari disney,,,,bila tenguk terus rasa jadi budak-budak balik hehehehe

  9. macam menarik je disney show ni sebab level seram dia tak tinggi sangat. Kalau jumpa nak tengok jugak lah sebab episod 6 tu macam menarik


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