Wish dragon review


Starring: Alexandre Chen, Alyssa Abiera, Bobby Lee, Constance Wu, Ian Chen, Jimmy O. Yang, Jimmy Wong, John Cho, Max Charles, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Will Yun Lee

Summary: Din, a working-class college student with big dreams but small means, and Long, a cynical but all-powerful dragon capable of granting wishes, set off on a hilarious adventure through modern day Shanghai in pursuit of Din's long-lost childhood friend, Lina. Their journey forces them to answer some of life's biggest questions – because when you can wish for anything, you have to decide what really matters.


This movie brought by  Sony pictures animation the same studio who also brought us "The Mitchells vs. The Machines". So I kinda keen to watch it when it been under top 10 movie at Netflix. I heard that some of the people  constantly spamming about this movie as an "Aladdin rip-off", which is completely untrue. Wish dragon is a story about magical dragon, who is trapped in a teapot and can grant 3 wishes but with the whole new perspective. Okay maybe u got my point why they related this movie with Aladdin but the only thing that similar to Aladdin only the granted part. Rest of the story totally different. 

I love the film's animation. It's so vibrant and colourful. Full of emotions, yet funny of course! This story tells about friendship, hardworking, and of course kindness. For me personally, it deliver a strong massage to the audience when they put in socioeconomic status well all about money. The bond between Din and the wish dragon is priceless. I like the character of wish dragon, he is so damn funny! My favorite scene in this movie when wish dragon eating prawn chips, how he hooked up with that chips so much.

If you say "money can't buy happiness" then you need to think twice. Even the pure person as Din being left because he is poor and this is actually the main lesson in this movie. Will he change himself just because of a woman or he will remain as innocent boy? 




  1. Mcm best lgpun poster cantikkk... pink kaler 😍

    1. kan! pink tu comei..kelakar la sbb dragon pink

  2. Wow, this sounds so good! Nice to know the animation is really beautiful as well.
    the creation of beauty is art.

    1. true,the details of illustration so neat and beautiful


  4. Waa.. cerita dragon.. Dragon dan dinosaur kan tak jauh beza.. hihi

  5. nama dia DIN? Asia ke? Hahaha

  6. aritu baru nampak review movie raya the last dragon, tengah musim dragon rasanya ni heheheh

  7. it's been a long day since i watch movies/series peacefully without thinking about works.

  8. Menarik cerita ni, sseuai ditonton bersama anak2 :)


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