The Mitchells vs. the Machines

By anakdenesor - Jun 07, 2021

Young Katie Mitchell embarks on a road trip with her proud parents, younger brother and beloved dog to start her first year at film school. But their plans to bond as a family soon get interrupted when the world's electronic devices come to life to stage an uprising. With help from two friendly robots, the Mitchells must now come together to save one another -- and the planet -- from the new technological revolution.

With a high score at rotten tomatoes which is 98% this movie totally worth to watch. An emotional movie and Hilarious! With a totally clear massage to the audience. The main character in this movie is Katie Mitchell, a highly creative self-proclaimed film nerd played by Abbi Jacobson. Being the only one film nerd in the school makes her kinda left out from the society until finally she been offered to university. She can’t wait to get to college to be part of a community of people who actually understand her.Her dad obviously disagreed with the course that she choose by saying that making a film could not support her life in future. She and her dad (Danny McBride) just don’t seem to see eye-to-eye. Her Mom, Linda (Maya Rudolph) tries to keep the peace, while kid brother Aaron (voiced by director Michael Rianda) is happy as long as dinosaurs are involved.

After a fight with Katie, her dad decided to take the family on a cross-country family road trip to take Katie to college as a way to enjoy some family bonding time. They had no idea the adventure they were about to encounter. Robot apocalypse? That's would be hysterical. Running around from the robots and suddenly the Mitchells family become the last hope to safe the whole population of the world.
Hilarious family movie that suitable to watch together with your children that highlight about the technology, the important of having communication with family and also the strong bonding time. 

Worth to watch!

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  1. Hahahah sonok tgk ngan budak2 ni.. :D

  2. Terbaik. Saya hadir melawat. Hihi

  3. Nice. Tinggi betul rating. Boleh layan buat hilang bosan

  4. I wasn't totally sure about this movie but I've heard a lot of really wonderful reviews! I've added it to my watch list!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  5. Terus kak Sha cari.. hehehe.. boleh tengok dengan anak-anak.. tq share AD..