Wrap-up October

By anakdenesor - Oktober 31, 2020

 Hye peeps! 

Hope everything went well for my lovely readers. Thank you to my faithful readers and also to my silence readers. last day of October, I hope that world getting better and Pandemic getting over soon. Yeah SOON. So did I manage to fulfill all of my October goals ? Let's check it out now. My October goals

Read every night before bed

I manage to do it as I planned plus I read some good books this month! My favorite book for this month was "How to be invisible" I will do full review about this book later okay.

What I Read...


Reduce my weight

Instead of walk 20 minutes, I change to do HITT workout. I'm too lazy to dress up and go to the park since my place is a red zone area. Yes, i Drank a lot of water but I still having difficulty to go to bed by 10 pm.  Eat healthy food, a lot of veges and fruits. I really hope i can lose weight soon.

Keep blogging

I really really do hope I will be more consistent regarding updating my blog. I targeting that at least 1 post per week. For those who commenting at my blog, I will try my best to reply to your comments and visit your blog okay.

Live at slower pace

Alhamdulillah..everything went smooth for me this year. I manage to do all the actions for this goal.

Continue building an emergency fund.

Still doing it and will continue doing it. I can saving when I bring my lunchbox to work. I can eat variety of menu and I can control things that I want to eat, such as less oil, less salt.

How was your October goals?

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  1. hari hari wak updet blog., hehehe

  2. keep going Ad. Happy for you dapat achieve october's goal.

    My October's goal? Shhh...

    1. yeayy thanks for the support..hehehe ala rahsia kee

  3. Aku memberikan support untuk seminggu satu kali posting dan blogwalking tentunya.
    Semangaat ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. sometimes i love to read kids books as well. suka buku tulisan besar2..
    comey je rasa hehe.. emergency fund is important. samala nak kena sediakan juga..

    1. kan..kadang buku bebudak tu la yang menenangkan. seronok baca tulisan besar nampak jelas hahaha

  5. I write once a week.
    I follow my writing schedule.

  6. My goal is to get my gaji tapi huhu boss penipu ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  7. my november goal is reducing my weight... i klu put on weight.. muka naik dulu..then nak selfie rasa burukkk huhuhuh...

  8. Hello!! it was a good month, I hope this one is better.


  9. i hope so, please this pandemic go away. nak consistent update blog jugak tapi no idea.always.

  10. Tahniah, ye! Teruskan usaha anda.
    Saya takde monthly goal, yearly ada, cuma living one day at a time, dan enjoy life seadanya.

  11. Hi!
    I hope everything goes well with your goals this month ๐Ÿงก

  12. Yeah!! Buku-buku yang ohsem..
    Teruskan dengan target bulanan AD.. semoga terus bersemangat..

  13. Semoga November and December lebih baik dan baik dan baik dari sebelum ni.