Louder than words #8

By anakdenesor - November 03, 2020

 Title: Louder than words

Author: Laura Jarratt


Format: Paperback 

ISBN: 9781405269124

Rafi hasn’t spoken in eight years. Her progressive mutism went so far that now she can’t even comprehend the thought of talking anytime soon. But now it’s up to her to tell her brother’s story, because now he can’t speak either…

Rafi has always idolized her seventeen year-old brother, Silas. Popular, caring and borderline genius, Silas is everything Rafi ever wanted to be. Silas is the type of protective brother that always makes sure Rafi is with him, which means that Rafi gets to hear all sorts of things that younger sisters wouldn’t normally be a part of. Like when Silas hacked a gaming site to help out his friend Josie, who was being bullied for something incomprehensibly awful her ex did to her.

As Josie and Rafi spend more time together, Rafi finds herself with a proper friend for the first time in her life. Growing closer, Rafi realizes she wants to escape the bubble she’s been trapped inside and make her way back into the world – and this will happen by learning to speak again. But Silas has found a new interest too – one that’s pulling him away from everything and everyone that was once important to him. Will Rafi be able to find the words to save her brother before it’s too late? -credit to writtenwordsworld-

Honestly, blurb is the main reason why I pick up this book. For me this book have like some sort of mystery vibe. I kinda attracted with the blurb like how come a child could have selective mutism, usually we heard selective hearing only. I even googled to see if there is a real symptom of selective mutism. Yes, it is real. I don't know why lately i'm interested with this kind of genre. 

A virtuous friendship shown clearly by Silas and Josie character. You can feel it, the way  Josie express her sadness. She worrying about Silas when Silas start doing silly mistake same as her. This is a healthy relationship, a pure one. I felt like so close to the characters. Louder than words tackled subjects that were more serious that Laura Jarratt's previous books and to my surprise, there was actually no romance in this at all that makes this book just perfect book for me. 

I love the unique story line,  it wasn't something too different or confusing and dramatic but still had all the action and drama. Who knows that Lara could be such a plot twist in this story. Do watch my video to understand more about the characters inside this book. Overall i will give 3 stars


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  1. the story line is so interesting.. perhaps lil bit slow but wanting to know more

  2. Balasan
    1. ha tu la tapi slow ha..separuh buku baru ade action

  3. Best juga tu, boleh la cari buku ni

  4. Positive vibes here. Silas seorang yang abang yang protective dan Josie kawan yang sangat baik.