Hey my beloved readers.👋

I'm kinda busy with reading lately and with the CMCO  in my area makes me like want to isolate myself from the world, but because of my beloved readers i decided to update my blog today.

If you can remember about my entry in the beginning of october, which is my october goals.You can read that HERE. Actually today i want to update about progress that i made regarding goals no 4 which is coloring. I found that coloring makes me more calm and more focus but me just being me, i have short focus span so i can't spend hours for coloring but if you give me a book then i can read like hours.😹 Don't ask me, i don't know why. Okayy enough with the yada yada let's see the progress 

So yeah I still don't know what color those roses will be..but i start with red..coz red seems fit in there. Then i suddenly become emotional I want black as a symbol of frustrations, symbol of destruction. I mix red with black and it supposed to be ombré color but i guess it did not turn out well. Oh i'm useless in😅

This morning i continue to color it. I dont know why i pickup purple. Is there purple roses in the real life? Damn what's wrong with me 😑 😂 I better stop colouring for today, i afraid i will come out with some ridiculous color if i keep continue it hahaha..Yeah fellas see you next post.




  1. Yes, there are purple roses.
    Well it is just coloring, you can put any coloring for roses.

  2. heyy im happy you able to do what u listed one by one :) . you're good in colouring too well i sucks with colouring and never won any . keep it up doing what u happy .

  3. keep on colouring kak! Just use any colour! Use your own creativity..i know you have it :D

  4. i think i should do some colouring or painting too...hehhe

  5. bestnya main color2, cantik nampaknya tu :D

  6. Great post 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  7. This looks beautiful so far. Colouring can be really relaxing! And actually, a friend just sent me a picture of her purple roses yesterday. So I guess there are purple roses after all!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  8. seriously coloring can be addicted!!!! satu masa dulu i am ... then kena stop sbb duit habis byk hahaha

  9. Cantiknya, color tu buat lukisan hidup

  10. Lukisan tu dah cantik... kalau dapat disiapkan coloring tu, mesti suprb...

  11. Hobi ai main color2 ni. Dapat mandalam lagi best.

  12. You can still practise the ombre colour. Cantik apa ombre tu. And btw, rose purple tu cantik!!

  13. still cantik lah, aktiviti mewarna ni terapi for my kids esp si adik...

  14. colorfull lagi menarik apa..rose xmestinya merah saje..mix lg nice haa :)

  15. cantik bunga kaler purple. morning glory kan pepel

  16. ada purple rose. semua warna ada rasanya. boleh dibuat dengan cara rendamkan keratan batang bunga rose dalam air yang berwarna. Lama dah tak mewarna ni. Siap ada contouring lagi tu. lawa!

  17. i love colouring too.. kadang2 suka buat activity macam ni nak hilangkan stress.

  18. beli je buku macam nie, sudahnya anak-anak akak yang mewarna.. hehehe


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