Hello October

By anakdenesor - Oktober 02, 2020


Hello October | Thank You to my faithful readers because you made my day and makes me want to constantly updating my blog. I create my blog somewhere around 2012 and that time I still studying. Actually a lot of my teenage post i already deleted from this blog. I couldn't dare to let you guys read it..some of it seems so childish and the choices of words that i been using it's embarrassing me..hahaha  By that time I also on and off blogging, sometimes I will update only 1 post per yea, only recently i became active and have a lot of ideas to share with you guys.For now  as usual, I will do a month goals which is things that I want to archive for this month. Please scroll down.


1. Read every night before bed 
Even tho I already met my reading challenge for this year but I still want to make it as a habit to read before bed. For me it would make me discipline and help me to sleep better.
2. Reduce my weight.
I started to gain weight after MCO. Because during MCO i staying alone,  cats at hometown and it makes me lazy to eat, and every evening I started to workout. After MCO, I ate a lot! plus I have 2 weeks holidays, and I went to my hometown eat all nice food prepared by mom. You can't resist mom's food. LOL😆
  • walk at least 20 minutes daily
  • do exercise videos at least twice a week
  • eat protein for breakfast daily
  • drink 6-8 glasses of water daily
  • go to bed by 10 pm
3. Keep Blogging
I like to see how my stats getting higher everyday and thank to you who keep supporting my blog. not to mention my silent readers, Thank You too. I'm planning to do giveaway when my followers reach 500. Pray for me.😀

4. Live at a slower pace, engage in real life and enjoy more daily.
 Since I no longer need to handle class (because of SOP) I think I can reach this goal soon. Once awhile when I have important information then I will arrange lessons in library.

  • journal daily
  • laugh daily (watch funny videos or read funny blogs/books)
  • do coloring at least twice a week
  • Making crafts at least once a month
  • listening to Al Quran everyday starting 7pm 
5. Continue building an emergency fund.
 Our economy been effected by the virus. Everyone suffers and we do not know what might happens next. Better prepare now.


  • post my current specific goals on the fridge & review them daily
  • bring my breakfast and lunchbox to office
  • buy only needs for the month  & review overall budget monthly




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  1. Menarik semua goals nya. Ksarie paling suka goal yang nombor 4. Good luck k.

  2. Oh my! I want coloring books too. I have to buy color pencils and drawing books.

    1. heheheh..kan! lucky i have all that..so can just continue to do it hehe

  3. love all your goal lists ! i want to do it as well

  4. i need to create my goal lists too.. thanks for sharing yours..boleh buat reference

  5. semoga akan dapat diteruskan hingga akhir tahun dik... cayok2

  6. These are really fantastic goals! Blogging can be so rewarding and I am really glad you are enjoying it!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  7. buat sahaja apa yang patut...semoga kekal istiqamah

  8. eh. goals for october or April tu? Semoga tercapai semuanya AD. Aaaaminnn..

  9. Menarik ada goals tu.. semoga semuanya tercapai!

  10. Yeah!! Ada goal yang tercapaikan AD.. Bagus.. Teruskan tau..