Why is your cat losing a tooth?

By anakdenesor - Oktober 07, 2020

Can you guess what tooth is that? It's my cat's tooth! I wake up from my bed, and I saw it on the floor..at first I kinda blur and can't think clearly what exactly it is. I have 2 cats, I quickly find my cats and check which one who losing it's tooth, turn out my little cat, well not exactly little coz she roughly around 4 years old already.

Basically my cat in humans age around 32 years old..wow even older than me!😅 Actually she already losing one of her canine and that time I realized it when I bring her to my hometown. Then this time she losing another one. Canine tooth again!..poor my cat!. Concern of her situation, I quickly called vet and make an appointment. The doctor asking about my cat diet, check all her teeth, her age, weight and all other routine. 

Why is your cat losing a tooth?

There are a few reasons why your cat tend to lost a tooth.

  • It might be from the diet
  • teeth infection / gums problem
  • cat age  
The doc said that Gray (my cat's name?) did not having gums problem. The remaining teeth  perfectly white and healthy. Then he asking about what kind of food that i give to my cat. After the checkup Gray was perfectly healthy and active for her age. Then the doc gave me small bottle that need to put to Gray gums 30 minutes before eat to get rid any uneasy feeling. 

Most cats will lose one or more teeth during their lifespan due to periodontal disease or tooth resorption. Gingivostomatitis may also be present. This is an oral condition in which the immune system has an overzealous response to plaque on the teeth leading to severe and debilitating oral pain. credit to wellpets.

I always wonder it is okay for cat losing their tooth? Won't they losing their appetite? Then doc explain to me, that cat don't use canine to eat, Canine is being use for self defense or when they go hunting. They eat using side tooth ( I don't know the name)hahhaha. 

What kind of food suitable for them?

Canned food is generally recommended for cat that losing their tooth. But for some cat they prefer to eat kibble. In that case it is recommended to change into senior food type because the kibbles more soft and easy for them to eat.

Gray after the checkup.

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  1. Wow. Good info. Thanks for sharing. I don't know that cats can losing its tooth too. Hehe.

  2. Wah AD, Hana belajar banyak info tentang kucing through this entry. Ngeee it's sooo useful for me tbh ;) ;)
    Thank u for your sharing!!

  3. Ok I do not check cats' tooth. This is new information.

  4. Tak pernah tahu pasal ni. Padahal dulu banyak je bela kucing. Tak pernah jadi macam ni so macam tak tahu. tq share AD :)

  5. teringat arwah kucing saya, sebelum mati (masa tu umur dia 17), rongak dah..huhu

  6. info wajar tau ni bermanfaat sekali

  7. i had a cat dulu,tapi now he died , so dia mmg tadak gigi... dia kucing jalanan yg singgah ke uma then i terus ambik bela.. first day dtg dah mmg tadak gigi... then ooo ini rupanya penyebab

  8. eh kucing pun boleh hilang gigi ek? Cik TK belajar benda baru hari ni...

  9. Dulu kucing zumal hidup dalam 12 tahun dan bila hampir penghujung hidup dia, gigi pun patah dan susah dia nak makan. Kesian sangat

  10. owh.. kucing pun akan ada proses gigi gugur ye.. baru tahu..