Movie: Nothing to hide (Netflix )

By anakdenesor - Mac 22, 2021


Director-screenwriter: Fred Cavaye, based on the script for the movie Perfetti sconosciuti by Filippo Bologna and Paolo Costella Producers: Pietro Valsecchi, Camilla Nesbitt, Stephane Celerier, Valerie Garcia
Executive producer: Patrice Arrat
Director of photography: Denis Rouden
Production designer: Philippe Chiffre
Editor: Michael Dumontier
Casting director: Michael Laguens
Sales: Playtime

In French
90 minutes

Several couples play a game over dinner, everyone has to share every text, phone call, and email with the others. The game soon becomes a nightmare.

I watched this movie last night. Well it is a difficult movie to tell. After AD habis tengok this movie, I kept it is this yang terjadi to those married couples yang dah bertahun kahwin,yang act like everything is fine and actually not. Like there is  no sparks between them anymore and ended with divorce. *Ini just persoalan, so chill jgn emo okay.Tak cakap mende ni betul or fact.

Movie ini adalah adapted daripada Itali movie. Cerita ini bermula di rumah pasangan doctor (marie and Vincent) yang mengajak semua rakan baik mereka untuk dinner bersama sama. Antara pasangan yg lain ialah the long-married couple Charlotte dan Marco, Lovebirds Lea and Thomas dan akhir sekali Ben yang sepatutnya hadir di makan malam itu dengan girlfriend barunya tetapi end up datang seorang diri.

Permulaan cerita dengan Marie yang tak percaya kepada anak gadisnya yang meyebabkan dia selongkar handbag anak perempuan nya and turn out die jumpa kondom and that lead to argument between mom and daughter coz of trust issues disitu (so cliche). Then continue with a scene which si Vincent ni tengah scroll picture boobs I was like ape psycho mamat ni, rupanya Vincent adalah plastic surgery surgeon. Buat saspen je. When everyone reach at Vincent's place then somehow one of them come out with an idea, which is to put their phones in the middle of the dining table and have to share all text, call or email that they receive. Ha mase ni la baru start segala isu nya. Like how transparent you can be with your partner everything will be reveal at that time.

Well honestly, only one good value from this movie which is be transparent to your partner. Well the unexpected ending and I kinda don't understand it so overall ⭐⭐over⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. made a review about this too..
    please check it out

    for me this movie is amazing ! and in relationship we do need comunication kan ... if AD bg 2 stars, I bagi 5 stars

  2. aaa i can explained each scene yg AD tak paham , let me know hehehe

  3. Lama gila tak tgk cite omputih...
    nak cari mood balik klu nk layan citer2 omputih ni..

  4. Rating rendah, so boleh skip la kan...hehe

  5. Sorry to spam here , heheh sbb klu comment dekat blog atie , AD tak tau kan, so yeahh.. actually. in that movie , diorg tak main pun game tu.... the eclipse actually play with our mind like , kalau diorg main, itu la result dia.. so masa last dekat taxi tu, yg gay tu ada ckp, mcm mna eh kalau kita main, then boleh notice yang she still wearing the earing yg dia bukak lepas dpt tau pompuan tu preggy.. so the conclusion is... THEY TAK MAIN PUN GAME TU.... sbb tu diorg dapat snap gambar dgn that moon :)

    1. lah! bongok! hahahaha patot la perasan yg earing tu tak tanggal pon..damn..hahahah seb bek ade atie si penyelamat..

    2. hehehhe glad that i can helped ! and so happy i did not put any spoiler dekat my review hehehe sbb i suka explain hahah

  6. Uiiii tak ada privacy kalau semua email, mesej dan call kena share. Tapi hmm... Dalam relationship ni perlu ada komunikasi dan kepercayaan. Cik TK belum tengok lagi movie ni, so tak dapat nak komen lebih...

  7. Thats why dalam relationship terutama sekali suami isteri kena transparent.. komunikasi dan juga saling percaya..