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By anakdenesor - Mac 02, 2021


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Finding Ohana Netflix꘡Netflix, one entertainment brand that over the top of streaming channel. Over the years Netflix always come out with their own movies and series and often trending! This time Finding Ohana become quickly trending in social media and the top 10 rank of trending movie by Netflix with 86% score rank by the audience.


Kelly Hu as Leilani

Kea Peahu as Pili

Ke Huy Quan as George Phan

Alex Aiono as Ioane

Lindsay Watson as Hana

Owen Vaccaro as Casper

Branscombe Richmond as Kimo

Chris Parnell as Brown



I stumbled upon this movie while browsing Netflix. With the breathtaking opening the scene when Pili participate in GPS-guided treasure hunt some sort like escape room and she wins! It shows that Pili actually really smart kid with full of positive energy.Despite of the price is a trip to geocaching camp, something that she would die for it, unfortunately she does not get to go to that camp after all. Something occurs that makes Pili and her family have to go back to their hometown. Few things they need to fix about their relationship among themselves.

  1. Their grandfather got heart attack but refuse to get help
  2. no wifi and friends makes Pili and her brother E don't want to stay at Hawaii. They miss Brooklyn.

And then the journeys begin. Movie that suitable to watch as a family that shows a lot of good values. The bonding among family is more important than anything in this world. How they try to fix things, how they respect each other. That would be a great lessons for all. I notice that from the beginning of the movie, they tend to said Ohana like a lot and i am clueless about that word so i did some research. Ohana means family.

I noticed that this movie resemble Indiana Jones but they make this movie become more hilarious suitable with the character that they put in this movie. The journey of finding the hidden treasure involving venomous spider bites, boiling lava pits, steep cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, collapsing floors, falling rocks, and frightening spirits known as nightmarchers. They believed that if you see the nightmarchers your body will be melt. Oh I really like a part when E screaming like a girl because he is afraid of the spider.

Meanwhile the language that they tend to use not too harsh but the language includes name-calling (lots of "butt"-related terms), anatomical humor/references ("balls," "nips" for nipples, "bunghole," "turd," etc.), and other terms like "crap," "suck," "ass," "God," "stupid," "jeez," and "hell." Perhaps have to monitor your kids while watching with them. Other than that everything is good.


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  1. Cerita adventure macam ni jarang tak best. yup, sesuai untuk tontonan seisi keluarga :)

    1. aah betul yang penting kelakar..xde la serius sangat

  2. Ada keluar suggestion cerita ni kat uncle... tapi tak sempat2 nak tengok... huhuhu

  3. menarik ulasannya filem hawaii ya

  4. Wah.. macam menarik.. Rasanya ada nampak orang share klip filem ini dekat Facebook..

  5. belum tengok lagi tapi da ada dalam list. soon

    1. kan biasanya kumpul bebanyak movie dalam list tu, pastu bila ada masa terus tgk semua

  6. Tak sempat lagi nak tengok... mcm best je cite2 adventure mcm ni

    1. yang ni sesuai utk family sekali..seronok la sbb bukan heavy punya movie

  7. Masuk list dulu. belum berkesempatan tonton.

    1. hehehhe tu la kak amie..ada masa free baru syok layan kan

  8. I haven't seen this one yet but heard good things. I will need to add it to my watch list!
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