Firedrake the silver dragon [Movie]

By anakdenesor - Februari 06, 2024


When his home is threatened by humans, a young dragon summons the courage to seek a mythical paradise where dragons can live in peace and fly free.

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In FIREDRAKE AND THE SILVER DRAGON (also known as DRAGON RIDER), audiences get to see what it's like from the dragon's perspective when their home is threatened by humans. In hiding, the dragons aren't allowed to fly or breathe fire. After hearing of a mythical paradise where dragons can live in peace, a young dragon named Firedrake (voiced by Thomas Brodie-Sangster) summons the courage to seek it out. His best friend, Sorrel (Felicity Jones), joins him, and reluctantly goes along with enlisting help from a human (Freddie Highmore) Firedrake thinks is a real dragon rider. Along the way, they discover that they're being hunted by the ancient metal dragon-eater Nettlebrand (Patrick Stewart). Together they must use teamwork, wits, and wise advice from characters they meet to travel across the world to discover the hidden dragon paradise.

This fantasy adventure will definitely charm many parents. Firedrake the silver dragon fantasy adventure is an encouraging tale. There are a lot of funny moments that add an endearing element. I like the scene where they visited India to fulfill the prophesy. As the silver dragon will be the one that can change the destiny.

A lot of good things that we can learn from this movie. One thing that I learned is how we change our minds after we know about the truth. I mean is there ever a time you thought one thing about someone when you first met them, but your mind changed the more you got to know them.

If you a fan of dragons, this movie is definitely a must-watch. Overall ⭐⭐⭐ for this movie.

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  1. alahaiiii
    comel je Firedrake n

  2. CNY tahun ni tahun naga....kekdg berprasangka buruk terhadap org yg x kenal tu sebagai defense mechanism, berhati-hati....huhu..

  3. Dragon dengan 'denesor' ni sepupu kan? hehehhe

  4. Tahun ni tahun Dragon hehe, a must watch movie eh, ok blh tgk dgn anak buah ni