The guest cat [Book Review]

By anakdenesor - Februari 12, 2024


Title: The Guest Cat
Author : Takashi Hiraide
Pages: 140 pages

Set mainly in a guesthouse on a larger Japanese estate, The Guest Cat is centred around the relationship between a husband and wife and a cat owned by a neighbour. The cat, Chidi, slowly comes into the lives of the husband and wife, eventually reaching the point where the cat enters into their house

"The Guest Cat" by Takashi Hiraide fails to engage readers with its sluggish pace and lackluster storytelling. The narrative, centered around a stray cat's sporadic visits to a couple's home, lacks depth and fails to evoke any significant emotional response. Hiraide's overly descriptive prose tends to meander, creating a tedious reading experience that struggles to maintain interest. 

It's hard for me to stay focused about this book. I almost want to keep this book down but lucky since the page only hundred plus then I decided to finish it.

The characters remain one-dimensional, failing to develop into relatable or memorable figures.The author always use first person opinion to describe about everything in this book. I felt that this book lack of cat! I want more story of the cat not rather than the cat eat, play,sleep only. Lack detailing about the cat rather the character talk about how details is the building , how neat is the house.

The plot lacks a compelling trajectory, leaving readers questioning the purpose of the story. Overall, "The Guest Cat" falls short in delivering a meaningful or engaging literary experience, leaving me unsatisfied and but can give some point to indifferent to the tale it attempts to tell.

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