How to be invisible by Tim Lott #13

By anakdenesor - Disember 04, 2020


Title: How to be invisible
Author: Tim Lott
Format: Paperback
Page: 237 pages
ISBN: 9781406324235

Strato Nyman couldn’t be more of an odd-one-out. He’s the only black kid in Hedgecombe-upon-Dray, he knows more about particle physics than his teacher, and he’s constantly picked on by school bully Lloyd Archibald Turnbull. It’s only at home that he blends into the background – his parents are too busy arguing to notice he exists. But one day, Strato picks up a dusty old book in a mysterious bookshop and learns how to become invisible. He soon discovers that people aren’t always what they seem … and realizes standing out isn’t so bad after all. 

This is my favorite book for October. I started to read this book on 19th October and finished on 24th October. I like the beginning of the story when you suddenly noticed a tiny passageway that stretched off past the side of the cafe. As you get closer, you could see a very old rusty bookshop that had a very strange smell like old, wet leaves. That few pages of this book really hooked me so bad. Anything that mysterious, books, and an old creepy town? Yeah, you can count me in!

Nyman found the invisible book through a little accident inside the mystery bookshop. When he stumbled and knocking down an enormous pile of books which one of the books that he managed to catch is the book that had no words on the front and no words on the spine while the cover of the book as bright as a mirror. No author or publisher or anything else. Just four words.

"How To Be Invisible"
And so the adventure begins. What I could describe as the main character in this book (Nyman) is like walking thesaurus. His vocab beyond his age. I like it when every jargon word inside this book comes out with the definition and sometimes the origin of the words. For example: Aficionado incidentally means " a fan or a passionate supporter of something" and you also will be amused by how clever Nyaman when it comes to science. He would rather be called himself a science geek. There is a part when he explain the mystery of the magic atom. Well, I'm not a fan of science but the way that he does explain that theory makes me keen to read more about this book because it related to what actually happens to him, how he turned himself to be an invisible boy. Actually I kinda afraid when thinking thirteen years old would do something that beyond my imagination when he got the availability to become invisible, but end up using that gift to helping each other makes me relief. 

There are a few minor characters that gives a big impact on this book. Lloyd Archibald Turnbull. One of my favorite characters in this book. He is a subtle bully. He isn't a physical bully but he does say and do things to hurt the protagonist. He, not a bad bot like he obviously thinks of herself. He is clever and articulate but somehow life hasn't been easy for him since the accident. As I found more about him, I found that I like him more. Another thing that I notice in this story is, everyone has a very weird name except for Susan (Nyman's mother) well only the author knows the reason for it. LOL😆

Despite all of this though, How To Be Invisible is an enjoyable story. It has a sense of fun and mystery, full of quirky and interesting characters also pleasant magical atmosphere. Perfect book to read during school holidays especially in December. 

Overall I give ⭐⭐⭐⭐over⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  1. I love this story, thanks for your review 😊

  2. nice review.. hi AD long time no see :)

    1. eh nina! thank you dear..tu la lama gak tak jenguk nina

  3. Balasan
    1. yeah..bukan selalu dapat baca buku yang menarik macam ni

  4. Good book for december ye. Tq for recommendation Ad :)
    eh eh btw, baru perasan header dah bertukar ye. comel dino tu.

  5. menarik juga buku.....tpi sekarang nak kena baca 'buku sekolah' dulu kejap....hahaha....

  6. buku yang menarik.. Boleh cari ini versi ebook nanti