By anakdenesor - Disember 07, 2020


AN ATTEMPT TO FORGET ꘡ My journey to healing ma heart, ma soul. 

When you feel like you're okay. When you feel you're strong. When everything starts to feel normal suddenly reality strikes your face. The pain still there and once again you feel it. The pain that you thought it is gone a long time ago. Damn it hurt more than the previous one. You clench your teeth and pray that this pain will be gone soon. You pray so hard, you can't take it anymore.

At this stage, you will have some thoughts that you rather be dead than have to face the feeling. You are so weak. Miserable but still act strong in the surface but deep inside only god knows how your feeling. It's like a walking entity with no soul, you feel so numb. How you pull yourself up every single day reminds ourself that you have to be strong, so that others don't feel weak being around you. Inside of you just a painful memories and an unfillable void...The things that you do to make you sane is totally insane...

There will be a time when you will prefer to watch sad movies, listen to sad songs because this time you can feel the sadness from the songs. You will have questions that linger in your thought.

" What's my fault?" 

"What I have done?"

I only have a few of my bestie. They usually not involved with my love life, but they always been there when I'm at my weakest.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I broke up with him" 

I'm forcing a smile when meeting her. She just sits quietly next to me and when I started to cry she just hugs me tight without a word. You can't talk because no words can describe your pain at that time and remembering the details just make you bleed again. Thank You, GOD. I still have people who care about me.

What's wrong with me? 

Am I too bad? or am I too good? 

You still being left whether you being a good person or a bad person. Then slowly you will change. You become bitter and so damn cold. You feel by doing that you can protect your heart from being hurt again. At one point you start thinking that it's okay being alone. Anyhow you still manage to survive and live without a man.

"Shit! a nightmare again"

I seldom got a nightmare, but usually when I dream it will be the most horrible and I won't dare to sleep back again. This time it happens again. Woke up in the middle of the night, and don't know what to do. Usually, I will text him because I know he always be there. Guess what, once again I feel so pathetic, not because of the nightmare but the fact that this time you have to deal with the situation alone. You're literally ALONE. The saddest fact that you have to shallow that nite. All these memories make me sick. 

Moving on not that easy...admit that I'm trying..trying so hard. Now I understand why people become so bloody cold. They have been hurting again and again. They have been fighting their own battle. My advice is 

"Be kind to everyone. You never know what they have been dealing with" 

My unconscious mind at 2:53am

to be continue.... 

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  1. Its so cold..he's my safe place, now he's gone.. what should I do?

  2. selagi bernafas ujian-Nya tidak pernah habis

  3. Don't think much dear. Be strong and keep strong. Yeah, be kind to others :)

  4. aww.. mama doakan yang baik2 saja.. good friend need to be cherished

  5. be strong yeah...i cant promise to make u stop crying....but im surely can cry with you...

  6. Teruskan bertahan.. luahkan semuanya.. lepaskan apa yang terbuku.. Walau tak mampu merawat namun mampu memberikan sedikit kelegaan bila yang terbuku diluahkan..

  7. You are not alone. Allah kan ada. He knows what is best for you.

  8. keep going in life.. May Allah has some miracle for us :)

  9. Jangan sedih-sedih ye. Kuatkan semangat dalam menempuh hari-hari yang mendatang. Awak boleh!

  10. may you find the strength to stand strong again.. heart break is never easy but darling.. trust in what Allah has in store for you. sometimes letting go and forgetting all the pains will pay off one day. He knows best insyallah =)

  11. Be strong ye awak... Cari orang yang awak percaya untuk luahkan semuanya.. mungkin boleh sibukkan diri atau cari hobi baru untuk lupakan masalah ni

  12. be strong. relax.
    kita ada Allah.
    manusia ni datang & pergi...

  13. anyway, jom kita exchange link for 2021 :)
    alang2 da terjah blog AD ni, kita exchange.
    keep in touch :)

  14. There is a soul who will always care for you. Nothing is permanent in this dramatic world.