Hello December


Hello December.

One of my favorite months because it's a festive season. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas,  but I do love the vibe during this month. People forgive each other and of course, presents! Anyway, since it's a new month already, I want to share with you guys my new goals. I hope I can achieve it. There are so many things that happen to me during November. Setting goals help me to remain focused and might inspire you to create your own goals for December. 

1.Heal my broken heart.

Dear heart, it won't be easy. You might be bleeding again and again until it leaves scars. You might think you won't survive this, but I have faith in you.

2.Be in bed on time

I want to be in bed for at least 7 hours most nights of the week. I need my beauty sleep. Please care more about yourself. Note to myself.

3.Reduce my weight (1kg)

Reducing my weight would be a long-term goal. I don't expect that I will lose 10kg just in 1 month, because of that for this month I aim to lose at least 1 kg. 

4.Read more books 

Reading can take you places (quotes by Dr.Seuss). I believed reading can improve my vocabulary and can help me to focus on my life more.  I'm still reading everynight. Sometimes one book per day.

5.Be active at blog and youtube

I just created booktube channel at youtube. Sharing information about books and library tips. I hope I can consistenly updating both platform, blog and youtube at the same time.



  1. I love your post 😊 I must create own december goals ... Thanks for your sharing 😊

    1. Thank you for reading..yes you should! can't wait to read that

  2. i wanna be active on youtube but i am so lazy to edit the videos hahahaha !!! anyway.. please take care and always be!

    1. hahahah sama la atie..AD bukan rajin sgt..memula je seminggu sekali satu video..la ni kelaut dah

  3. moga tercapai target harapan

  4. I just came to say.. I love U

  5. No 2 dgn 3 tu selalu tersasar.. huhuhu..

  6. Hello sweetie,
    I hope you achieve your new goals and also Im really hoping
    your heart heals soon, you deserve all the happiness in the world :)

  7. susah nak dapat beauty sleep lagi2 jenis yg imsonia ni, struggle betul bila nak tidur malam.

    1. aah kan..AD pernah rasa ha, dah la esok tu nk kne g keje, kol 3 pon x dapat lagi tido..geram pon ade ha

  8. Early to bed is in my goal list too. Good luck!

  9. all the best. u can do it yoshh!!

    1. aww thanks for the support..aja aja fightin!

  10. 3 & 5 always not in my target.. kelaut. hee

    1. hahahha susah nak maintain kan nina..perluka kesabaran tinggi hahaha

  11. Semoga impian tercapai. Aaminn
    wahh dah berjinak jinak di youtube. All the best Ad!

  12. hey december.....time will heal the sorrow...the pain....wah....ada youtube channel....nak tengok nak tengok....

  13. moga menjadik semua azam tu ekk, AD.
    aida xde la plan pe pun, just go with the flow.
    PKP ni, aktif la blogging.
    byk masa sebab WFH. now sedang build bloglist 2021.
    agar lebih mudah nak bw di masa akan dtg ke blog yg aktif :)


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