Murder in the library

Murder in the library| Oh no!!! There is a murder in the library.

I have struggled with my lesson plans since the beginning of this month. I really need something fun and innovation to share it with my class. Kids will be kids, they like to play so that I try to make my learning time not so dull and bored.

Credit to for this brilliant kit!

Students will write their own mysteries after observing an in-library crime scene and to make it more interesting they will perform a roleplay in the library.

Before class, construct some sort of crime scene in the library. You can refer to the picture below of the one that I made for ideas. 

 I begin the session by telling them five essential elements of a mystery. I ask my students which mystery books they like the best and why they like it so much. The five elements are:
  • Crime - Obviously every mystery must have a mystery!
  • Detective-Every mystery needs someone who going to attempt to solve the crime. This person doesn't have to be an official detective, but someone has to lead the investigation.
  • Suspects- People who might have committed the crime.
  • Clues-Discuss what kind of things can be clues. Like me, I put everything in the crime scene area
  • Solution- every mystery needs to have some sort of solution to close the mystery. Ask students what do they think about the mystery and ask them to come out with the plan to solve it

I divided them into a group of 5 persons. Then instruct the students to gather around the crime scene group by group. tell them to observe the crime scene and take notes on any clues. Next, tell the kids that they will write their own mysteries based on the crime scene. After the students have written their stories, they need to do role play in the library and guess what? I can't share photos of my students but they definitely loveddd itt.







  1. menarik aktiviti yang diberikan... mesti mereka teruja untuk lakukan sebab sebab kena lakonkan babak tu

  2. Salam kenal sis...akak follow sini..

  3. For adult, we think it is just a simple activity but for kids, this kind of activity is challenging and interesting enough to be played with their classmate. Salute to you teacher for came out with an interesting activity..clap..

    1. Some adult will think its simple but the truth its not. Everything must be related to books, what input they well get during the lesson. Feeling good when been appreciate by others. Heeee.

  4. Best jugak ni siasat menyiasat untuk budak budak berfikir. Menarik idea ni. Tahniah!

    1. seb baik dapat idea kalau tidak tak tahu nak buat ape dah hahah

  5. so cute.. budak2 ni kalau benda2 misteri srnk lah nak main.. bagus kalau cg skli skala buaat aktiviti untuk buat anak murid rs berkobar nak datang sekolah

    1. mmg setiap kali dtg lebri kne ade lesson ngan diaorg kalau tak depa bising je..tu buat aktiviti related dengan buku juga bg otak depa berkembang sket

  6. Kreatif thinking! Menarik sangat method ni. Selain mengajak berfikir luar kotak, aktiviti ni jugak ajar untuk jadi teliti. Brilliant!

    1. depa lagi kreatif..macam macam keluar bila suruh berlakon..ending depa tu yang tak tahan tu

  7. Wahh!! cool gila!! >_< next time nak join?!

    1. hana chan! boleh je haa mai mai hahaha kene jadi budak primary balik la

  8. Seronok tengok AD buat aktiviti dengan pelajar ini..

  9. mcm detective conan.. hehe lama dh movie ni tp dh lupa jalan cerita


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