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Tips for appraisal

Tips for appraisal | Since nearly to year-end, so most of us know it's time for appraisal.  Some companies will have a different method to do appraisal so maybe some of my notes here not applicable to you guys, but yeah better be prepared right.

Gather Information
Gather any reports that you make, all the events that have you attend. They'll help you recall performance highlights and milestones, as well as any challenges. It can also be helpful to review your last appraisal and look at the feedback and ratings you were given then. It will help give you a sense of how you've grown and developed over the last period.

List down your core work 
Gather all the information about your core work and list down what have you done outside your job scope so that your company will know what have you done throughout the year. Make it as a habit to write down any extra work from now

Ensure your employees understand what will be covered
Don't get caught in the trap of focusing only on the last few months of performance. Look at performance over the whole review period. Make sure you capture the "how" not just "what" you accomplished, but keep it brief; don't use this as a diary or performance journal. Give your manager any contextual details they need to understand your performance. Identify any challenges that limited your abilities to succeed, as well as any support you received from others. 

Do a self-evaluation
It's a good thing to do some self-evaluation. But be sure, to be honest, while you rate yourself. From that form, you will notice what have you done, your achievement.

Think of the impact that you can give to the company
What is your achievement for this year? what is the difference that you make from last year until now? What is the impact that you can give to your company to be better? At least list down 3 things that are different from last year, and if you want to have the professional development you can think of it too. You also can your STAR Technique to think about your impact.

Hope this article could help you
Hi, I’m Nad.Full time librarian and part time blogger, not to mention that I develop S.O.S (save our space) The Digitalization of damaged books.


  1. br semalam isi form appraisal hehehe

  2. nice share, untuk boss dan pekerja yang nak dapat anugerah

    1. tak semestinya anugerah..tapi untuk yearly appraisal..sebab mcm kat company AD depa nak tgk pencapaian kite,perbezaan tahun ini dengan tahun lepas

  3. baru tadi ummi g interview.. harap2 ada rezeki

  4. kat tempat aku kdg2 takda guna dok gather apa yg kita dah buat sepjg tahun tu, sebab msh ramai yg bersikap bias, biasa lah keja dgn majority non bumi. kena kerja triple harder, baru diorang nampak usaha kita. so setelah bertahun2 keja camtu, appraisal is just a routine, takda makna sgt tuk evaluation usaha kita spjg thn tu

    1. biasala tu klo toxic environment cmtu mmg kite yg kene buli.bias sgt.Rasa macam usaha kita tu tak dihargai

  5. Tempat kerja akak appraisal x panggil sorang2 dah...isi je form kat sistem and boss akan rate

    1. wah macam tu yea..semua pakai sistem..kalau boss da kenal kite macam mana bgusla guna sistem..macam kitwg baru tuka boss jadi kne buat manual isi form sbb boss tak kenal kan

  6. Kak Sha dah settle dah.. Ujung bulan 10 aritu.. hehehe.. Memang buat ikut macam tips AD nie lah..

    1. alhamdulillah selesai..harap semuanya okay hehe

  7. Bagus share ni. Harap semua dapat 5 stars lah.


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