Finally crossed off my april wishlist!!!

Hello peeps!

Finally, I crossed off my April wishlist!!! (you can find it HERE) Alhamdulillah and I'm soo happy about it. Even though it's not all, only some of the wishlists but yeah  I'm still happy about it.

1. Read every night before bed
 -yeah, I completed my reading goals!  Supposed to be only at least 10 books but currently 12 books that I have read.

2. Reduce my weight
- One of the things that I think I won't achieve it, but surprisingly I lost around 5kg from April until now. Unbelievable, but yeah that is the truth. Double happiness!!!

3. Keep blogging
 - I thought that I can keep posting at least once a day, but it seems my workload at the office more than usual, I can't do that..but I will make sure at least once a month I should put a new post.

4. Live at a slower pace, engage in real life and enjoy more daily
-With a new responsibility at work seems my life upside down right now. It's been a really tough day every day even got hypertension once! gosh hope my life would be easier after this

5. Continue building an emergency fund; save for dream car    
 Finally, I'm got enough money to got a car. Although it is not my dream car because my dream car would be far more expensive! (Audi car😅) at least for this moment, I got a brand new car! cheer!!!😍



  1. Yeah!! Tahniah Ad sebab dah berjaya mencapai semuanya..

    1. satu belom 4 heheh hopefully next year la kan hehe

  2. congrats 4 out of 5 dream wish come true! keep it up dear. wishlist no.4, well that what call life, up and down, one days we'll appreciated it and that the reason how we'll survive. cheers!! 😃😉

  3. Tahniah untuk apa yang telah berjaya capai dan semoga apa yang dicitakan menjadi kenyataan...

  4. wahhh bestnya, jeles tang yang hilang 5kg tuh... moga untuk tahun depan semua wishlist dapat tertunai

    1. gegeh kite exercise tau hehe..amin moga tahun depan semua tercapai

  5. bestnya.. semoga semua wishes fulfilled

  6. Replies
    1. heheh thanks ray! heheh seronok bila tgk semua da cross list

  7. terima kasih kerana ingatkan saya pasal bloglist.....tempo hari saya ubah template jadi hilang senarai bloglist......yang mana saya dapat ingat saya letak. apa2 pun saya minta maaf ye. saya dah pun letak balik blog ini ke bloglist saya. terima kasi kerana email saya.....

  8. tahniah :)

    gee dah follow blog ni & tag skali giveawat ni >>

  9. banyak yg sudah tercapai ni..tahniah :)

    1. alhamdulillah short term goals heheh yang long term belom lagi

  10. May you achieve all your wish lists!
    Done follow your blog. No 404. TQ...

  11. How to lose weight? Share lah. Akak is stress 😩

  12. Ohh great! Almost achieved all of them. Congrats anyway AD :)
    Its okay..go slow and enjoy your hectic life for now.


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