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By anakdenesor - Februari 21, 2021

Captain Clive’s Dreamworld winds its way through an eerie, Lynchian landscape, populated by Stepford citizenry, cursed lives, and all the bleak sensibilities of the most dire Cormac McCarthy tale. Bassoff’s latest is a must read for fans of the genre, or any reader who prefers their fiction with a sense of the off-kilter. Highly recommended!”
—Ronald Malfi, author of 
Bone White

About the Author:

Jon Bassoff was born in 1974 in New York City and currently lives with his family in a ghost town somewhere in Colorado. His mountain gothic novel, Corrosion, has been translated in French and German and was nominated for the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere, France’s biggest crime fiction award. Two of his novels, The Drive-Thru Crematorium and The Disassembled Man, have been adapted for the big screen with Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild; Once Upon a Time in America) attached to star in The Disassembled Man. For his day job, Bassoff teaches high school English where he is known by students and faculty alike as the deranged writer guy. He is a connoisseur of tequila, hot sauces, psychobilly music, and flea-bag motels.

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Title: Captain Clive's Dreamworld
Author: Jon Bassoff

After becoming the suspect in the death of a young woman, Deputy Sam Hardy is reassigned to the town of Angels and Hope, which, within its borders, holds the once magnificent amusement park, Captain Clive’s Dreamworld. When he arrives, however, Hardy notices some strange happenings. The park is essentially empty of customers. None of the townsfolk ever seem to sleep. And girls seem to be going missing with no plausible explanation. As Hardy begins investigating, his own past is drawn into question by the town, and he finds himself becoming more and more isolated. The truth—about the town and himself—will lead him to understand that there’s no such thing as a clean escape.

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·         Genre:  Horror, Magical Realism

·         Print length: 234 pages

·         Suitable for young adults? No (adult book)

·         Trigger warnings: Sexual assault of a minor

·         Amazon star rating: 4.5 Stars, 18 ratings

Still collaborating with Blackberry book tours. I never experience reading a horror book before because i kinda afraid but deep down in my heart I always wanted to try it that's why I decided to read this book. My first question is how could everyone lived in a small town where everyone knows each other and also knowing the secret of next-door neighbours. Like sometimes what appears to be perfectly quaint is just good at hiding its seamy underbelly. It makes me curious why the neighbourhood so peacefully yet need sheriff to administer the town? but most insane part when the town own a theme park by themselves. Like wow! so rich!

The pacing is perfect. Bassoff skillfully guides the reader through a series of events that ultimately lead the protagonist on a pretty creepy journey. I particularly enjoy the suspend that Bassoff pours into this story. I never know what to expect next and hate the twisty plot that he injects into this book. This book haunts me even after I finished it. The words, the scene makes me feel the burden of the main character, the untold and unforgiven sin.

I did not expect I could be enjoying this book so much, but I must confess I hate the ending because i felt sorry for what happens at Sam. How would I describe it, perhaps the cruel fate that sometimes we can't fight it but have to accept? I could not ask for more since this is my first-time reading book from Basoff but I highly recommend this book to fans who looking for something dark and peculiar story.



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  1. takut juga baca novel seram penulis kreatif melukis situasi

    1. Kan..tapi klo buku melayu lagi seram rasanya sbb kita boleh relate ape yg jadi. Ni mujur overseas bunya buku tapi smpai skrg rasa cam x boleh hadam ending die

  2. Balasan
    1. aah atie..siyes best..ade part yang tak masuk akal sket sbb campur witch sket tapi overall best..nak baca?

  3. owh it's in english, but really nice story..really dark story..yeah try check it out perhaps they have it in Spanish too.

  4. wahh menarik ni!
    baru perasan header dah tak ada dinosaur

    1. hahaha sebab template ni xleh letak header gedabak kikiki..test kejap je template ni..nanti tukar pulak

  5. review menarik.. best lah bila baca

  6. Kisah pembunuhan dan penyiasatan jarang tak menarik jalan cerita dia. Rating pun AD bagi tinggi tu :)

  7. mama suka baca genre macam ni tapi tu la skrg mmg tak dan nak membaca buku huhu

  8. Horror ye.. lama tak baca novel BI genre horror..
    macma best pula review Atie nie..