[Recipe] Almond cookies

By anakdenesor - Februari 13, 2021

Almond cookies꘡ Heyya! it's Satur-cook-Day again! I try to put the compilation of recipe that I have tried before. For this week, I will show you how to make an easy but delicious cookie. I always make this cookie for a special occasion such as birthday celebration or Hari Raya. My nieces and my nephew love it.


Let's look at the ingredients

  • Almond
  • cooking chocolate
  • cooking paper 
  • container to put the cookie later


  1. Melt the cooking choc using double boil technique
  2. Fry almond without oil for awhile  (maybe around 3-5 mins),until it become a bit brown
  3. Pour almond into the bowl after the chocolate melt
  4. Put cooking paper  on top of the tray
  5. Scoop the almond and put it on the tray
  6. Let it cool for 20mins and make sure you put it in your fridge to chill it before eat otherwise the taste might be weird.
  7. Done! can eat it anytime you want


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  1. How fantastic! Thank you so so much for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. thank you for sharing! macam senang nak buat hehe

    1. senang sangat kai..2 bahan je yang wajib ada hehe

  3. Nampak mudah jea resepi.. nanti boleh cuba..

  4. Sedapnya.. Nak buat dia renyah tapi bila dah siap, kejap je hilangnya ke dalam perut.. hahaha

  5. Ini cookies yang viral tu kan. Nampak senang membuatnya. Boleh cuba bila mood rajin nanti :)

  6. unbaked chocolate almond cookies..sedapnya..

    1. Tapi kne salai dulu almond tu tau sebab kan x bake..nanti mentah.