It's a wrap for angpau raya 2018

Hello peeps!

It's a wrap for angpau raya 2018 ⎸ My first post for Ramadhan just to congratulate to the GA winners from my can check the GA  here. all my fellow friends,thanks for supporting me,my business may Allah bless all of you...yeah..I kinda busy with my part time business and full time job.Perhaps you still wondering what kind of part time business that i deal with..because of my special forte is designing and Syawal just around the corner i decided to do customized ang can check it out here . I just finish my last batch and i'm free!!! hahah

Thank You once again..until we meet again XOXO💖



  1. Pergh.. Cantik betul design-design yang AD buat..

  2. Cute2, salam singgah, follow done

  3. angpow raya yg comel :)
    designs yg menarik perhatian. kreatif.

    1. mekacih sis..hehehe tu la kebetulana ada idea

  4. Comelnya sampul raya !! Design ia menarik betul

  5. ala mcm mana boleh taktau pasal ga ni T___T jemput join ga sha hehe

    1. ade aritu post da kat blog..sbb buat ga utk instagram..senang sket...tkpe tggu next year yea heheh

  6. Comelnyaaa :') Kenapalah Hana tak sekreatif akak huhuhu T^T *cewah drama sangat!! haha :P
    Btw Hana tag AD kat entri ni -

    1. berdrama tkpe...jgn membawang hahahah...lak! kikikiki...wah GA ke..insyaallah klo free ceq join naa

  7. Thanks so much ya - akak baru dpt publish posting ttg ni. Yeay!


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