Author: Carly Rheilan

Format: paperback

Page: 126 pages

Sometimes the perfect pregnancy is less than skin deep...A young man watches as a heavily pregnant doctor is stabbed in the street. He sees the knife, swinging down into that rounded belly, again and again, deep to the hilt.A few minutes later, the doctor has gone. Nobody believes what the man has seen.For Ana, the doctor, the incident is problematic. Back home, she peels off the damaged pretense of her pregnancy, a beautifully crafted garment, padded and slung across her abdomen. And she begins to realize that a story she has crafted with even greater care, is about to unravel.

A dark and haunting book that would make your breath coming in gasps. The Birthrights is a book full of art. The beginning of this book alone has already begun with a thrilling situation. Being stabbed and then disappear without blood? I feel like adrenaline in my body is working twice as hard as I read this book. The excitement, the complex story line seems juggling perfectly. I prefer not to comment on character developments or analyses of the characters in this book. What I can say is, the main character is beyond the expectations of my mind.

A perfect book that educates about mental illness Which is often not taken seriously as physical health. It's a new genre for me. I pretty much like it





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4 Ulasan

  1. Oh wow. This sounds like a fascinating read and a really unique story. I've never heard of anything quite like it and would definitely love to read!
    the creation of beauty is art.

  2. the kind of book yang kalau dah start baca, you do not want to put it down.

  3. menakut, best juga kalau dapat baca ni

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